3 Blu-ray Disc players You Should Buy for Best Audio-Visual Experience

Choosing a blu-ray player can make the entire difference to the quality of the sound and video because blu-ray players reproduce HD quality pictures and sounds. When you connect one to your TV you get the highest quality content. Besides, the latest technology blu-ray players support multiple audio and video formats too.

So, if you’re going to make a purchase, you might want to invest in the players listed below in our list of 3 best Blu-ray players since they have some of the most astounding modern features you’d love. Take a look!

  1. Panasonic DP-UB820K Ultra HD Blu-Ray Player With Unique Chroma Processing Technology

Speed is the middle name of this Blu-ray player at Electroniquehifi.ca since it is engineered with a 4k PRO HDR/HCX powerful core processor. Other features that make this a super player are listed below.

  • It supports multiple types of 4k contents.
  • It supports multiple HDR formats including the latest HDR10+.
  • The audio quality that’s generated is of high resolution.
  • It can be mirrored with portable devices like tablets and smartphones since it can be connected with a Wi-Fi.
  1. Sony BDP-S1700 Blu-Ray Disc Player

What’s better than a blu-ray player that offers video playback in full HD resolution of 1080p? Well, frankly, nothing. Which is why this player by Sony has found a place in our list of top 3. Some of its features that you should be aware of are listed below.

  • It has a USB port and it can be connected to the Ethernet too.
  • It reproduces the richness of high-quality surround sound since it is compatible with many audio formats that include Dolby true HD and DTS-HD.
  • It supports advanced PlayStation 3 games as well.
  • It recreates content in full HD resolution of 1080p.
  • It is made to support content from more than 300 streaming sources that include the most popular YouTube and Netflix.
  1. Sony BDP-S3700 Blu-Ray Disc Player With Wi-Fi

This is another marvel by Sony that offers Wi-Fi and high-speed Ethernet connectivity. The most alluring features of this one are listed below.

  • It supports HD quality sound formats that include Dolby and DTS.
  • It has a USB port and it can be mirrored with Miracast mobile gadgets and DLNA mobile devices.
  • This player allows you to stream the content on your phone onto the Television screens.
  • It is compatible with apps like YouTube, amazon instant video, Pandora, Netflix, and many more.

On a closing note, all the 3 blu-ray disc players we have listed above are worth every single penny you will spend.