4 Players that Mac OS Users can Use for Playing MKV videos

MKV video files are high-resolution videos which are compressed with a container format called Matroska. Whenever you try to play these Mkv files on any Mac device, you will notice that none of the standard media players support this file format. Needless you worry about it because Mac users can easily play Mkv video files by using a suitable media player and converter. The best part is these media players can be installed free of cost and support the high-quality video format, Mkv. If you want to find more information about the various media players that support Mkv files on Mac, keep reading below:


The VLC 2 is a commonly recommended video player for Mac. You can add any video file or audio file into it and it will play the file without hassles. VLC 2 is a further upgraded version of the former app and has some new, unique features added to it. Even if you don’t have any Mkv files to play on your Mac device, the VLC 2 is a worthy app to be kept on your device. However, a few users have encountered certain issues while trying to play their Mkv files from VLC, whereas others haven’t have encountered any such issues.

Elmedia player 

If you are looking for the best video player for Mac in 2020, it’s undoubtedly the Elmedia player. It is a free, multipurpose media player and converter which supports various file formats in high definition similar to the VLC 2 player. This app is more developed than others and hence Mac users don’t face any kind of errors or technical problems while playing any Mkv file from Elmedia. Not only does this app support Mkv file format, but also it supports MP4, WMV, AVI, FLV, MOV, and serval other file formats.


Another good option is Plex. Earlier it was a media center application, but recently the app has been updated and now it’s a media converter and player. The only disadvantage is that its latest version has made its interface extremely confusing. Often people get frustrated trying to find out their desired options. Nevertheless, Plex plays Mkv files quite well, mostly without errors.


You can also try to play your Mkv files using MplayerX. It’s comparatively newer and not many people have tried it out yet. MplayerX works wonderfully when it comes to playing Mkv videos. Its interface is somewhat similar to that of QuickTime. Its performance quality is commendable too. MplayerX is hence another worthy app to be used by users. One can download it for free from the Mac App Store and play their favourite Mkv videos and even convert them to other formats.

So, we have covered the names of the four best media players that support and play Mkv files easily, without hassles. All the above-mentioned apps can be used free of cost. So what are you waiting for! Download any one and enjoy your Mkv video in high quality!