5 crucial things your online marketing agency should be doing for your business 

Running an online business no matter what service or product you offer can be challenging.

You may be the best kept secret in your niche, offering better services and products than your competitors. However, it is so important that your customers are able to find you for the success and growth of your business.

The right online marketing agency can help you be seen, be heard, and grow your business.   When thinking about hiring someone you should take into consideration these five crucial things that your online marketing agency can and should be doing for you.


  • Builds the right audience for your business


Both you and your online marketing agency need to have a clear idea of who your target audience is.  Getting clarity on this is the key to getting results with your marketing.  

When a new client comes on board, we make sure we get these critical questions answered first before we put together a digital marketing strategy for them.  

Understanding your target audience and what their biggest pain points are should drive your marketing.  And of course their pain points must align with your service/product offerings.  

When you know this and are clear, you can then create marketing content that speaks to this and leads them to becoming a customer.


  • Keeps you top of mind


Your online marketing agency should as part of their marketing plan should be creating regular marketing pieces that keep you top of mind with your leads and customers.

We suggest that it should be a blend of great content that positions you as the go-to person in your niche and offers.  A weekly email newsletter, a new piece of carefully selected content plus daily social media content is a great place to start.

Including video in the mix is critical because it helps build that rapport faster than the written word with your audience.  So I recommend that you include at least one video and Facebook Live into your marketing mix.


  • Helps you stand out from your competition


With the online marketing space being so crowded these days, it is important that you find a way to stand out from the crowd.  Your online marketing agency should help you build pieces of content that help you do that.

A couple of key ways they can do this is through:

  • Video:  take your best performing content and create video content around the topic.
  • Thought reversal content: where you speak against conventional wisdom in your niche.  
  • Customer case studies:  where you tell a client success story, the before, during and after of how you have worked with them to get a certain result.


  • Create new and unique content


This is critical and one of my favorite ways to help my clients build their online business.  Your online marketing agency should help you research topics and guide you to create content weekly that your audience is interested in.

Researching and using proven topics to build your content plan is the best growth tactic.  If your online marketing agency tells you that you need to create new content every single day for your website, don’t take their word for it.

To get results, you only need to create a single piece of content weekly.  However if you are just starting out with a brand new website and no content, I recommend that you quickly create 15-20 pieces of content.


  • Measure and report progress 


This is key.  Your online marketing agency should be tracking your metrics and reporting back on progress. 

You want to be looking at a few things:

  • Your Website Traffic – is it growing?  What is realistic?
  • Your Content – what is popular what is not?
  • Your Email List – is it growing, what content are they responding to?
  • Social Media – is your audience growing?  What types of content are they responding to?

These all are things you and your online marketing agency should be looking at and using to refine your content and ongoing marketing strategy.