5 Factors that will help you Choose the Right Power Strip

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Power strips are the best things if you need an extra power socket outlet for your electronic gadgets or device. However, selecting the right power strip is difficult when you have overwhelming quality options like Power strip “DATA” [ราง ปลั๊กไฟ data, which are the term in Thai] in the market. Here we are to help you find the right one for yourself.

Here are a few factors that will help choose the right power strip for yourself

1. Number of Outlets

Consider the number of power socket outlets you need in your power strip to support charging your devices. Choose the power strips that have more space between the transformer plugs. It will avoid blocking adjacent plugs.

2. Configuration and Length

Standard, front-facing, side-facing, end-mounted outlets, etc. are some of the configuration available in the power strip, so choose the one that suits your convenience. Length is also one of the essential factors when choosing the power strip, as the length of the power strip will help you connect to the socket outlet. Measure how far you want to locate your power strips from your power outlet and choose accordingly.

3. Type of Equipment used in a power strip

There are different types of power strips available to plug different type of equipment. Power strips are different for workbench tools, laptop stations, medical equipment, A/V equipment, and office equipment. Therefore, check which devices and types of equipment the power strip will support.

4. Surge Protection

Surge Protector and power strips may appear similar, but they differ in protecting your devices. Whereas power strips will help you connect your devices to strip that can be connected to a single power outlet, surge protectors will do the same and also protect your plug-ins against the power surge in your power line.

5. Extra features

Some of the power strips provide safety features like 15 to 20 amp circuit breakers preventing the system overload. Also, there are some models that prevent shock and automatically disconnect the electric equipment from it.

So these are some of the factors that will help you choose the right power strip from yourself. Remember not to connect a power strip with another power strip; it can cause an electrical hazard.