5 Point List of Security and Guard Equipment for Transferring Products

The modern way of doing business means shipping packages and products all around the world. It takes a lot of knowledge and experience to do things properly. No start is easy, but you need to know a couple of things before you kick-off. You should know the basics so you don’t lose a lot while doing this.

To properly box and ship a product, you need to undertake several security measures. You need to have the proper equipment for some of these products. Depending on the company you might ship items that are highly expensive and losing, destroying, or opening the package is not acceptable.

For these situations, we created a list of 5 point tips that will tell you what you need to mind and what you need to do for taking care of the problem perfectly. Follow up and learn these five tips. Make sure you’re doing the perfect job that will leave your customers happy, and make your business grow.

1. Tamper evident labels

Tamper evident labels are the best thing you can do for your package to arrive intact. With it, your customers will be sure that you guarantee the safety of the product, as well as the perfection of it.

To do this right, you’re going to need proper security labels that you will place on the box after you’ve packed it. They are non-removable and if anyone tries to do it during the shipping process, the label will leave a mark behind it that can’t be destroyed. This is going to tell everyone that the product has been opened.

What is crucial here is to get yourself a label that will be tamper-evident and any removal will be visually indicating for the security guards. It doesn’t matter if the tamper from the package is totally removed, partially removed, or even the edges were peeled, the guards will see this and alert those who need to know about this.

This is crucial for items that are expensive and you’ll lose a lot if they are damaged, broken, or stolen. Imagine sending a $1,000 iPhone through the mail, and the customer calls to tell you that someone previously opened the box and the phone is scratched. You can’t afford this. Having proper security is going to get the job done.

2. Bubble wrapping

To be sure that you’re not going to send a broken item, you need to wrap it perfectly. Do this by placing a bubble wrapping around the item or the package that you’re about to ship. The bubble wrap is going to protect it from sudden impacts or bumps. See why these are great here.

When the box goes into the mail, it is going to go through several hands to reach its destination. So many people will throw it on the ground and in the container that is delivering these things to the plane or the truck. They are not going to really mind what’s happening with your delivery, so you need to take care of it yourself.

3. Make sure everything’s cushioned properly

If you have more products inside, then you need to be sure that they are cushioned perfectly. You should add some paper foil inside and have it enough for all of the items are not moving around the box. This is crucial because if they do, the chance to get damaged is much higher than otherwise.

4. Perfect sealing of the box

Before shipping anything, you must seal the box perfectly. Aside from adding tape to close it, you must think about making it as protected as possible. Close it perfectly with the tape, but ad tamper-evident label on critical places that will make the person opening sure that they are the ones doing it first.

If someone else opens it before you, the person who is supposed to accept it intact will know that something has been happening in the meantime. They will alert you, and you will alert the delivery service. These guys follow protocols and whoever opened the package will compensate for the damage done.

This is why perfect sealing is so important. It needs to be done right so you don’t face a situation in which you’re the wrong one. If you can’t prove that someone else opened the box, you’ll need to compensate for the money spent by the customer.

The worst thing is not that you’ll lose money, but you’ll lose a customer and gain a poor reputation. Your business depends on positive reviews, so one situation like this will raise the concern of others.

It’s crucial to have the package perfectly sealed and still looking good because the customers will surely open it and post the package on social networks. Around 40% of people do so, and this is free advertising. Make sure the job is done right, as you do want negative publicity.

5. Double write the address for the delivery

A smart way to make sure that everything’s done right is to double write the address that the package is supposed to be delivered to. Even if there’s an issue on the way, and the address gets ripped off, but the tamper label is safe, the delivery person will know where to take it.

No one’s happy when something like this happens, but it’s better to have your item delivered late, than not delivered at all. Place another address inside, and be sure that you’re not leaving your customers unhappy.


This list of five points is the foundation of everyone working with deliveries. Having a business that needs to send products all around the country means that you need to think about everything. See how delivery for one of the biggest companies in the world look like and learn from their experience: https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2018/12/what-its-like-to-deliver-packages-for-amazon/578986/.

Safety of the box is a top priority. You can’t let anything happen to it. Knowing that there are all kinds of dangers on the road to your customers, you need to be prepared in case these things happen. The points above will help you with it.