5 Reasons Why You Should Not Go On The Dark Web

Before we discuss why we should not go to the dark web, there are most of us who don’t know what is dark web and if it really exists. Well, the dark web can prove to be a great resource for providing access to information that is rarely found on regular internet sites, but mostly the dark web has some really dark effects. There are plenty of sites and content on the dark web that one must steer clear off. Here are the lists of things that can happen on the dark web:

1. Act of Violence and Explicit Content on ‘Red Room’:

Remember the famous red room of pain in fifty shades of grey. Well, the red room in the dark web is nothing like the one we have read about.

What are the red rooms? Well, some say these sites are fake but red rooms are sites on the darknet where people can view live interactive torture sessions, rape, and murder. The term red room is coined on the basis of Japanese animation. It is a kind of auction where the host does whatever the highest bidder instructs to do. So the next time, you come across any ad pop up that says ‘what are red rooms, you know must avoid them. But then again these are urban legends and most of the people have claimed to have found no such sites.

2. Crypto Scams:

Crypto scams are very common on the dark web. For any kind of dealings or the money that you bid on red rooms are usually paid cryptocurrency. The scammers use the very same techniques on the dark web as they have tried on the regular web but the lack of regulation and the probability of getting shut down by ad networks, forums is less and thus they are successful in doing crypto scams.

3. Terrorism:

Dark web is responsible for being a medium of communication and promoting terrorist activities. The dark web users put on the mask on anonymity and therefore even if any report of malpractices is done, they cannot be tracked down, thanks to tor and other VPN services.

4. Pornography:

Various types of pornography are also available on the dark net. Thus, it is advisable to stay away from such unauthorized and illegal portals.

5. Drugs:

Thousands of people all around the world have been caught on the dark net smuggling different kinds of drugs. Thus, as a responsible individual, we should refrain from the use of the dark net.