5 Tips to Record Great Videos with a Smartphone

In this article, I will show you “how to record video with smartphone” to get nice and quality videos to upload to YouTube.

In fact, there are many types of smartphones equipped with different video recording features, but they all have the same rules.

To get a quality video will depend on two main elements: Techniques and cinematography.

Hopefully, the five tips in this article will be helpful to you, especially for those who are new to this field.

1. The Way You Hold Your Smartphone

Many people think that this is simple and optional. However, the right way to hold the device will help you:

– Obtain standard frames according to your wishes.

– Limit vibration (image vibration will be very painful and cause discomfort).

– Avoid crashing the camera while shooting.

– Look more professional.

There are 2 ways to hold the phone, you hold it vertically and hold it horizontally. Accordingly, holding the camera vertically will make it easier and more certain, but it is often used in photography, not popular in vlogs or filming.

So how to record movies on the phone horizontally?

Put your phone on a tripod. I feel this way is very comfortable and safe. You can hold the phone with one hand, the other hand to operate on the screen.

Preferable with a gimbal stabilizer, you can could yourself a tripod at www.3000store.lk.

If possible, buy an additional anti-vibration handle for your phone. This product is not too expensive, but it is very useful for professional filming. With the support tools mentioned above, you can also create unique angles.

Note: Don’t forget to use a good microphone for smartphones: lave mics and mini shotgun microphones. These external micrphones will improve your audio quality so much.

2. Select The Basic Setup

Before shooting, you should check the camera settings such as pixel resolution 4k, 2k, full HD, HD 720, SD …; 16: 9 or 4: 3 frame rate; Movie mode (frame / second) …

Normally, if you use available camera applications of smartphones, these modes have been optimized by default in the highest mode, you cannot interfere.

However, there are some high-end models that allow you to customize these settings.

If you only need to produce videos for streaming on YouTube and Facebook, then you should choose HD 720. This resolution is widely used by high compression, light file size suitable for most devices, and the image is not much inferior to full HD.

If you have ever uploaded a video to YouTube, when you review your video, it will normally play automatically in HD720 format even if you have recorded it in full HD.

With other setups you can leave them by default: the frame rate is usually 16: 9, shutter speed from 24 frames per second or more is fine.

The shutter speed will affect the quality of the image as well as the amount of light entering the sensor. Therefore, if you know how to use flexibly in each case, it will help you a lot in the process of making videos by phone.

3. Limit The Use Of Zoom Feature When Recording Videos By Phone

I rarely use this feature even if I don’t use it, for the following reasons:

Zoom on a smartphone is a digital zoom, that is, using digital technology or software to enlarge details on images captured from the camera. Therefore, when zooming the image exaggerated, it will be blurred, broken, and look very bad.

On the other hand, abuse of zoom when shooting movies also makes images vibrate more and the amount of light entering the camera is less, the video quality will be worse.

A good and effective solution is to use your legs to zoom. Approaching the object will give the image quality clearer and truer. If necessary, you can zoom slightly to get a nice frame layout.

4. Make Sure There Is No Vibration

When did you first start filming? There are many errors that cameramen with smartphones face. Honestly, just follow some basic principles, their videos will be much easier to see.

Make sure there is no vibration: This is the first rule in filming that you must remember.

A vibrating scene will give you a sense of unprofessionalism and discomfort to the audience.

 For phones, it is more difficult to keep the device from vibrating when shooting. To overcome this problem, you can use some of the following tips:

– Hold the phone firmly.

– No breathing or light breathing during filming.

– Find a fulcrum.

– Use a tripod to create very stable scenes.

– Use an anti-vibration gimbal: a great solution for you to record videos with your phone to serve a variety of needs, from work to entertainment.

5. Choose Interesting Camera Angles

Many people, when filming often feels “shy” so just stand on one place and then control the camera. This is completely wrong. In doing so, you will never get quality videos. Viewers want to look at many different angles so that they can see the whole thing.

Try moving through multiple locations. You can lower the camera angle or climb up to a higher position and shoot movies from above.

You can also hide behind some objects (maybe a flower, a row of chairs, a lamppost …). As such, your scenes will not be boring. And your vlog will attract viewers from one scene to another until it ends.

To sum up

So, no matter what device you do videos, you still need to know the basic techniques of how to hold the device, how to customize the settings, or basic operations.

 If you can apply the tips in this article when filming with your phone, I believe you will create beautiful and quality videos!

If you have any questions, please contact us. Follow the page for more useful information! Wish you a happy day!