5 Ways to Optimize Your Apple Search Ads

Statistics About Apple Search Ads 

In the Apple search ads, you will be paying nothing but only the tap on the ads. The average CPT of Apple Search ad is 0.84$. The most expensive categories are finance and shopping with the average cost per Tap standing at $2.81 and $3.48. The categories of the App Store are Games, Lifestyle, education, and health to follow the heavyweights which allow the app publishers for buying the taps around $1.00. CPA is the metric of mobile app marketing which indicates that how you pay for the ‘Get’ button. CPA will equal apple search ads CPI (Cost per Install)

How To Optimize Your Search Ads?

There are different ways to optimize the apple search ads:-

  1. Segment your types of campaigns

The campaigns should be segmented if you want to control the performance then you can adjust and scale as you want according to your marketing goals. There are different strategic ways of breaking out the campaigns.

  • Branded vs. Non branded
  • Similar categories or themes
  • Top performing keywords
  • User type
  • Full Match in the campaigns
  • Discovery ( Broad match & search match)
  1. You must bid high for the same match keywords

You will also like to adjust the bids for the campaigns based on the performance like increasing the bids for the match keywords. Such keywords convey that the user is searching for the exact keywords which mean that the search intent is matched accurately. The large bids are highly effective for moving the needle as you know that only one ad search display is considered by apple. This is beneficial for app store advertising.

  1. You must take advantage of the negative keywords

If some keywords kill your performance, then these can be added to your list of negative keywords for the search match campaigns.

  1. Discovery campaigns to be used for new keywords

The discovery campaigns can be used to look at which keywords are best for your exact match campaigns. When you will add it to your exact match campaigns, then you should also add the exact match negative to the campaign.

  1. Multiple creative sets must be tested

There is different app advertising strategies that you can follow. Custom ad copy is not allowed by apple but it allows the sets of the customs arrangements.

These are the best ways of optimizing the apple search ads.