6 Useful Gadgets for Work-from-Home Artists

Must-have gadgets and accessories to make working from home more comfortable

Working from home has become possible because of the different online platforms and advanced technologies that help in your productivity and efficiency. Even artists benefit from the many gadgets introduced to make art more engaging and accessible even if they stay at home.

To ensure that your creative flow isn’t hampered by the pandemic and the limitations of your home, here are six useful gadgets every artist should have.

Drawing Tablet

Drawing tablets mimic the traditional pencil-and-sketchbook mechanic that most artists started with, but it’s paperless and saves you the hassle of switching sketchbooks. They are also ideal for artists who want to begin digital drawing and painting but are still accustomed to traditional drawing techniques. 

Drawing tablets aren’t limited to just graphic artists. Use it to smoothen any uneven colors, straighten lines, and remove eraser or brush stroke marks on your scanned sketch or painting. Tablets make it more convenient for you to prep your artwork to upload and create high-definition prints for your art store.


A scanner is an ideal alternative to “photographing” your artwork. It scans every detail and nook and cranny, producing beautiful images that will pique your viewers’ interest. Scan your drawing, import the image to your software, and edit or embellish it with your drawing tablet. You’ll have digital renditions that look like your actual artwork.

Electric Sharpener and Eraser

Even traditional art supplies have caught up in the age of digital advancement. Electric sharpeners are an efficient and fun way to keep your pencil points sharp. If you mainly work with graphite or color pencils, keeping your pencil leads pointy enables you to finish your drawing more efficiently.

Say goodby to unsightly eraser marks with an electric eraser. This cutting-edge device is ideal for creating highlights, erasing unwanted lead marks, and making crisp, straight edges. Electric erasers make it possible for you to achieve neat and professional drawings of floor plans and architectural sketches of developments like Amaia Skies Shaw.

HD Camera

Scanners are great for small to medium-sized artwork. While you can still scan sections of oversized drawings and patch them up using your editing software, artwork made on sizable canvases and murals won’t do well on your scanner bed.

Take photos of larger artworks with an HD camera. Use varied lenses to achieve the results you want and to capture all parts of your artwork. Your camera might be able to take more intricate details better than your scanner will.

Your HD camera is also ideal for taking aesthetic photos for your social media. Use a tripod for more stabilized shots, especially if you take pictures of your artwork angeled on an easel or wall.


While there are printing services available outside and online, having an art printer enables you to check for the quality of your prints, stickers, and other merchandise before shipping them to your buyers. Use your art printer for your fine art prints and your regular printer for shipping labels and invoices. Your art business will flourish even if you are at home.

Air Purifier and Humidifier

With most of your time spent in your art workstation, you’ll get exposed to noxious fumes of your paints and media, and dry air. Being exposed to unclean air may cause problems to your creative flow and health.


Prevent the onset of allergies, dry skin and throat, and other respiratory problems by placing an air purifier and humidifier where you work. Breathing in clean, fresh air enables you to work productively while taking care of yourself.

The advancement of technology has made it possible for artists to be more efficient, productive, and creative. Utilize these six gadgets to keep creating, build a more significant following, and ensure a smooth art business.