A NetBase Template for Social Media Audit

A social media audit involves the evaluation, efficiency, and performance of a company’s social media activities. Here, the focus will be on outlining the factors that go into a template for a social media audit. There are six factors that go into an auditing effort:

  • accurate assessment
  • consistency of social profiles
  • aligning quantitative data
  • non-marketing opportunities
  • leveraging the transparent marketplace
  • performance metrics

It is important to look beyond the social channels that you regularly monitor. This is often where growing interest goes untapped.

Consistency and Transparency

A social media audit is extremely helpful as a comparison tool for future snapshots of a marketplace. However, without consistency across social profiles, you can confuse your audience. This isn’t to say that you should copy and paste all your messages. In fact, some social channels will warrant characteristic nuances. Consistency is not only about textual content. Logos and media also matter. So does your bio, updates, and messages.

A social media audit has broad implications. It can dramatically improve areas that are not directly tied to the marketing campaign. CRM is an example of one of these areas. Market transparency enables your company to benefit from the competition. The idea is to look beyond the internals of your brand and identify existing opportunities that the competition may or may not be addressing.

Performance Metrics: Quantitative Data and the Resource Spreadsheet

A spreadsheet enables you to determine how your operations remain aligned with company objectives. Quantitative statistics, such as, changes in shares and retweets can be a signal of an emerging trend. This is where a sentiment analysis is useful. It helps to identify why your audience is responding in an unexpected manner. Sentiment analysis also identifies the impact of influencers and can help choose new ones. NetBase is among the few companies that does this at a high level. The company is overviewed in the following section.

Performance metrics are critical to any audit. You need to keep an accurate and actionable record system. Below are the recommended metrics that NetBase suggests for your spreadsheet:

  • Likes/Reactions
  • Shares/Retweets
  • Comments
  • Views
  • Mentions
  • Followers
  • Post reach
  • Top posts
  • Influencers
  • Key audience segments

These performance metrics are for accounts that are in active use. The focus needs to be on precise data. Seasonal changes, as well as, holiday statistics, are essential to understanding the broader picture. Initially, this may seem like a lot of work for little return. Rewards are derived in your future operations. The better you keep your template now, the greater resource it will be later.

How NetBase Delivers the Best Solution

NetBase solutions involve cutting-edge AI tools. This is how the company can improve an organization’s understanding of their market, as well as, improve social media impact. The company uses highly target strategies to meet social media audit objectives. These include:

  • improving brand health
  • increase customer acquisition
  • use cases for innovation
  • supporting new product launches
  • improve influencer marketing

NetBase understands that numbers are only as good as their meaning. Making decisions purely on an advancing statistic can, at times, lead to failed campaigns. For example, mentions need to be aligned with a sentiment analysis. Companies that employ NetBase solutions take solace in a user-friendly interface and software that is best aligned to their needs.