About Computerized Valet Parking Software

For a lot of people, they would feel important if they arrive at a party with a parking space and a valet at their disposal. You can read more about valets in this link here. No one wants to be late just because they spent a whole hour looking for a place to park their vehicles. If this is you, then there is a way to make your parking easier. Read on to find more.

A valet is someone who will handle parking without any hassle on your part. They save you time and prevent you from experiencing stress because they can take care of your car. You can simply hand your keys to them and you hope that your automobile is in safe hands. Arriving at a party without needing to walk into the crowded and hot space of a parking lot may be the break that you are looking for.

Some People Have Issues with Valet Parking

The system of valet parking has been around for some years. Read more about it here: https://www.wikihow.com/Use-a-Parking-Valet. Like all systems, it has its fair share or problems and downsides. Most people are not comfortable handing their keys to someone that they do not know. There are incidents when attendants drove the car away, never to return again. These cases of stealing led to mistrust on the part of many vehicle owners.

There are some guests at the party who will claim a car that is not theirs. You can drop your parking ticket in an unknown place while you were drunk and someone is more than willing to pay the fees in order to drive your vehicle away. Most valets do not ask for proof of identification when they check in a car. And last but not the least, there’s a headache that comes when the most experienced valet can’t find a space because the venue is too full.

The Good News for Car Owners

Luckily, there’s the computerized valet parking software that can help vehicle owners with their parking problems. The software adds functions that are translated into convenience. Here are the advantages of getting valet software.

Cashless – There’s the convenience of not grappling for cash on your wallet whenever it’s time for payment. The fee is automatically paid for through the application. The business owners are guaranteed to get paid and the clients are guaranteed that they have a spot. Clients are charged through their credit cards so that they don’t need to worry about the inconvenience of getting cash.

No Tickets – The software is a paperless way of tracking car owners. Each of the customers is assigned a certain number which they can access through the software system. They also don’t have to worry about losing their tickets since everything is recorded digitally.

No More Waiting – An application is downloaded and the customers can simply reserve a spot for parking immediately. There’s no need to wait for someone to leave since a spot is guaranteed before the client even reach the areas. The clients also have the convenience of retrieving their automobiles without having to wait on queues for assistance.

Secure Transaction – Some software systems do scans whenever there’s a new request for parking. The scans include the license number and the vehicle identification number. Clients will not have to worry about fraudulent claims because their car is tied to their name. A picture will be taken when the car enters the facility and clients can avoid claims of compensation whenever there are damages that were not made by valets.

Extra Add-ons – Through the software, many can add services such as car washes or change of oil while their vehicles are parked. These additional services may be subjected to availability but it can be a neat way of getting the car cleaned without needing to take it to a car cleaner.

Get the Right Software into Your Business

A lot of software programs are available in the valet parking niche. These tips can let you know how to choose the right software for your business.

  • List the problems that you are currently having when it comes to parking in your facility. It can be a problem of not enough space. There are also times when valets are not organized, missing vehicles, etc. Once you identify the issues that the clients are facing, look for the right software company that can resolve them.
  • Find something that is user-friendly. Most clients are willing to try out new apps and programs when it is for their convenience. The employees can also adapt to the system when they find that the interface is easy to operate. Read more about a user-interface in this site.
  • Up-to-date valet system is what you need. The updated software systems have additional functionalities that add to customer satisfaction. There are cloud-based technology apps that will let clients see their car even if they are in the middle of a party. The internet may help with this as it can connect the client’s phone to the CCTV in the parking area for more security.

With the right valet software for parking, the clients will experience ease, efficiency, seamlessness, and convenience in a party venue or business establishment. The traffic can be managed well, there are no irritated clients waiting on long lines in order to get to their car. The software also promotes trust as more clients are going to get confident that their car is still there when they return from a party or from a business transaction.