Advantages Of A Mobile Application For The E-Commerce Segment

Mobile applications are faster than mobile sites. The high pace of life makes users very demanding on the speed of loading sites, and online stores on the screens of gadgets. In this regard, applications out of competition:

Their work is practically independent of the speed and quality of the Internet connection. In addition to speed, applications are superior to sites in the following aspects:

  • Access to the native functions of the Smartphone (camcorder, GPS-navigator, voice recognition functions),
  • Interactivity (integration with social networks) and content personalization.
  • Ease of use and best adaptation for mobile devices.

It is well known that users choose what is faster and more convenient, which means your customers will surely prefer an application on Android or iOS to a mobile site.

Mobile applications increase customer loyalty

According to experts, Customer Retention Rate (CRR) is 50% higher for apps than mobile sites. The reasons for the high CRR applications are related to the fact that the phone is always in hand, and the utility icon, like a catchy banner, constantly reminds the user of the opportunity to purchase on the internet.

Applications better convert visitors into customers and increase store sales.

Mobile app development increases sales and project revenue in the e-Commerce and m-Commerce segments. The conversion rate (CR) for applications is 200% higher than for mobile sites. The average check (Average order value, AOV) of applications is 140% higher than the corresponding figures for the mobile version of the web resource. Cart abandonment rate, SCAR) in applications is only 20%, while in mobile versions of the site – 97%, and in desktop versions – 68%.

Applications provide a higher level of interaction with the client

Applications allow you to effectively influence Smartphone users by sending push-notifications with advertising messages, and promotions (if users have not disabled this feature on their gadgets). Push notifications are more effective than sending emails and SMS messages for the following reasons:

  • Instant delivery to the addressee and a large audience reach
  • Low cost of an advertising campaign
  • Lack of spam and malware
  • Low failure rate
  • Ability to use the Deep Linking tool


Over the past few years, e-commerce has been moving leaps and bounds into the mobile plane. Given current trends, the Mobile app development will provide online stores a competitive advantage, increase sales, and customer loyalty to the brand. Without a doubt, the future lies with mobile applications.