AppLinked Store

It is hard to download multiple files using TV box. Because it is hard to type long hard to remember download URLs when you want to download something. There is no way to backup all your TV box apps and games or to share those with others. It is hard to share your file collection like photo collection. Video collection, movie collection with others. There are many solutions developed to cope those problems. One such solution is AppLinked.

Using AppLinked, you can create your own file collection or in other words file store. You can create your own photo album, music store, app store and etc. Each store you create has unique code. You can protect your store by adding a password too. If you want to share your store with others, all you have to do is share that code and pin.

Android TV App Stores

Most popular TV box is the Android TV. Default app store on Android TV boxes is Play Store. For Amazon Fire TV devices, it is Amazon App Store. Most of the popular Movies, TV shows and Live TV apps are not available on those app stores. However, many Android TV lovers all around the world create app stores using AppLinked.

AppLinked is like Filelinked. Since Filelinked was down, you can use this app as Filelinked. There are many public AppLinked codes. Many YouTubers use this application to share what they review. That helps to give exact same application they review on their YouTube Channel.

AppLinked Pin Codes

Many use Pin codes to protect their files. Most of them are private stores. However, there are public AppLinked app stores that are protected using a Pin code. Most of those protect public TV stores are owned by YouTubers. They change pin code or password from time to time. It is a strategy used to increase view count of their Videos.

AppLinked Alternatives

There are many AppLinked alternatives. For example, Unlinked, FileSynced, Aptoide TV and ApkTime. FileSynced and Unlinked are same as AppLinked. Both FileSynced and AppLinked use codes to access stores. Stores available on those apps are created and maintained by TV lovers all around the world.

Aptoide TV is like Play Store TV application. No need to use codes. Just like Play Store, open Aptoide TV application and search what you want. But Aptoide TV does not has free Movies and TV shows apps like on AppLinked.

APKTime is also like Play Store, but does not contain many apps like on Aptoide TV. No need to use codes to access apps. Here you will find many free movies and TV shows apps in one place.