Best floor plan creator software

Have you just completed your interior designing course and stepped into the professional life of an interior designer? Or are you a client who wants to get a 3D preview of their home? No matter which one of these is you, there is something that can help both. Have you ever heard of software for interior design? Honestly, most of us have listened to the term interior designing software but have no idea how it works. Isn’t it?

Interior designing requires pre-planning, which starts with floor plan creator, 360-degree rendering, implementing designs, setting virtual furniture and accessories in rooms, putting virtual color on walls to create a visual representation of a house. All these take various tools to develop a proper plan to execute. Interior design software is the platform to ideate, change, make, plan, and present your projects to the client. Among all the interior designing software, Foyr Neo has become the best software. The ease of use, upgraded, and new features make it the best choice for an interior designer.

About Foyr Neo floor planning

The first step of interior designing is to plan the floor. Even though most of the Designing software allows you to use plan floors, Foyr Neo delivers the software’s best floor plan creator features. Many reasons make users choose foyr Neo other than any other interior designing software. Here is a quick preview of how the flood planner works and how you can use the software smoothly:

  • The first thing you will require to design a house is to draw the floor plan’s initial drawing. You can use a scratch to remove the walls and floor of the home, or you can upload a previous floor plan and edit it. The best part is that the AI used in Neo will automatically look after the project once you add details such as doors, windows, etc.
  • Once you complete the floor plan drawing, you can add furniture, accessories, and other products. Foyr Neo has features where you can find pre-modeled designs. The thousands of product options make it more comfortable for the designer to choose what accessories will match the home plan.

All you have to do is drag products you like from the catalog and drop them in the places you want to set them. Moreover, if you have your 3D models, you can also upload them and make them even easier to design. The best part is that you can change things in detail using the 2D to 3D transformation tool in the designing software. It allows you to adjust the spaces, make changes, and design limitlessly.


If you are looking for an interior designing tool that will help you create practical yet magical interior designs, you have reached the right place. You can also avail the 14 days free trial period to understand the software and its features in detail. During the trial period you will realize that the software consists of the best floor plan creator feature for comfortable floor designing.