Best online forum to sell computer parts by various users

The biggest question that people passionate about computers ask is where to sell the parts. A computer has become a household commodity. At present people of all age groups need a computer to do their respective work from school, household, and office. It is quite common for computer users to buy or invest in a ton of computer components.

Every day the market introduces technologically advanced components that get the work done faster. Being a computer geek or enthusiastic can result in buying a number of these parts over time. At the same time, some of these old and used parts get stuffed in drawers and cardboard boxes collecting dust. If you are looking for an opportunity to clear the clutter and make some side income, then you are in the right place.

Through this article, we will be discussing where to sell computer parts

Top forums for selling computer parts

Once you decide on selling computer parts, it is important to know the best place to do so. Because some of the components like graphic cards, motherboards can fetch you top dollars.

The list shared in this article is of no particular order, just the best places to explore and sell computer parts.

  1. Facebook Market place:

This a great place to sell different types of computer parts. Though the forum was recently launched it does offer transparency in conducting business. Facebook market places bring together millions of users worldwide interested in buying computer parts. The forum is the best place to conduct business as it aids in finding a buyer within the local community. FaceBook enables a seller to see the profile of the buyer offering comfort and peace of mind in doing business.

  1. 2. eBay:

eBay is the most popular and old forum to sell computer parts. This online auction site has been in business for decades. It connects millions of active members worldwide for buying and selling several computer parts like hard disk, graphics card, motherboard, RAM, etc.

Today eBay is of the easiest site to use for selling a variety of computer components. eBay recommends an auction method for an item you are planning to sell. In a few cases, the site provides a guaranteed price. But this site requires you to upload pictures, add a detail description of the product specifying its make and model and select the shipping method.

  1. Amazon

This is yet another platform for selling computer parts. One can list a product for sale on Amazon with few clicks. Sellers describe Amazon as the easiest and transparent forum to sell products and services.

  1. Gazella:

The fourth forum that we will be discussing today to sell computer parts is Gazella. List an item and selling on Gazella is time-consuming. After you let the site know what you want to sell, it offers you a price, and then you can ship the item to Gazella for free. The site offers flexible payment options such as PayPal account, Amazon gift card, and by check.


The last online forum in our list of places to sell computer parts is This site is a popular choice among consumers for buying and selling IT equipment. The best part of the site is that spammers do not last long providing the seller with potential and better buyers.

In Conclusion:

Online forums are the answer to the question where to sell computer parts. But before listing an item understands what and why you are selling it.


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