Build A True Fan Following Through Constantly Blogging

Build a following. Start with reaching 100 true fans/followers. The next stage is to get to 1,000 true fans/followers. Give it a timeline. You want to get to the first stage in the first 5 months, and within the first 12 months you will complete stage two. The simple reason behind is that when you have 1,000 true followers, your small business (or online business) would mostly be able to at least break even, depending on the nature of your business. Some other business with a bigger profit margin per product/service sold may even have been making some good profits after reaching 1,000 fans.

It is about getting in touch with people out there. There are numerous ways to get in touch with people, or your potential true fans. One way is through Instagram, which is a very popular video/photo sharing platform/app at the moment. You will find many younger age people hanging around there. The next is to build up slowly and steady through blogging. It means you will have to set up a blog. A blog is essentially a website. Whether you choose to launch your blog on Google’s Blogger platform, or using a WordPress, it is your choice. You may choose to keep your blog as a free blog under the domain name of the blogging platform providers. But it is better to use your own domain name with your blog. Think of it for the long run, and that makes you professional and serious.

You will need your blog to reach many people, but in the beginning it is always difficult for most of you. You may have a very limited budget to advertise your blog. The one free or low cost is through doing search engine optimization (SEO) on your blog. Most blog readers these days spend their time mostly on a mobile device, and you should apply all the mobile SEO best practices that would make a positive difference to the Google organic search ranking of your blog’s pages.

Do not create new content for your blog just to fill up the weekly quota. This way, your blog will end up having low quality content. Find out where your fans hang out during the week. If it is a particular forum, take a good look at their public conversations. In the context, you will be able to find what problems they are facing. Get the solutions to the problems, and that is what you will write about on your blog.

The upside of having a group of loyal readers (of fans) is that they will comment on your new blog articles. They may respond to your emails (when you have an email campaign to regularly send them newsletter about the topics in your niche). Some of the followers may be active users to social media accounts and/or their own blogs. They may re-share your content on their social media accounts or blog about you. This will let more people to see your content and your brand.

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