Can I use Google search API in my application?

Google Search API helps in increasing ranking and visibility. Internet Application Programming Interface is a set of tools used by a software program to increase communion with other software. It is same as the user interface between desktop and humans. Anyone can use Google Search API in the application.

It has emerged as an integral component for designing application that hook into or use web apps includes Flicker and Facebook. The usability of creating API has permitted web communities to make an open architecture for dividing content and data between applications as well as users.

There are ample ways to use Google search API in different applications. By using this, one can create some astounding mash-ups and tools. Some of the most supportive applications on the web portal would not be without APIs. Here are some of the Google searches API for different users:

  1. Twitter API:

Twitter is a web community with a single probing, “what are you doing?” The API offers one to take the details in XML format and add it with the own code or other API in a predicted way. It includes geographic seeking applications on the height of the list. These will also the place of group people.

  1. Google Maps API:

The Google Maps is the most employed code on the internet portal. It will let one embed Google Maps in the own web pages with JavaScript. The API offers a number of usability’s for calculating maps and joining information to the map through a versatility of services, permitting one to design robust maps process on the website. While most API is data connectors, with the Google Maps API one can take an API key.

  1. Amazon e-Commerce API:

Amazon E-Commerce Services is a commercial power collector that Amazon shows as the excellent way to create money on the web portal. It will give programmatic use to Amazon’s items to develop money to the internet. The API offers web services information where one will assigned and have a unique access key.

  1. Facebook Platform or Facebook Connect:

Facebook is the highest need of the social media network. The website will be created by user work, giving coders a different podium that connects anyone in a direct way into an eager viewer. Facebook has a mark-up languages-PHP and FBML. It will be used for making code the Apps. One can use 350,000 fine applications on the Facebook Platform and Facebook Connect. It will be very easy to make Face book’s podium and Connect API among the hardest progressive place on the internet nowadays.

  1. FeedBurner API:

It is a RSS feed designer tool Feed Burner API gives developers a0 well-equipped library of API for communicating with the service. It is a web feed management giver that patters custom management tools and RSS feeds to podcasters, bloggers, and other internet-based content publisher.

The FeedBurner management API permits publishers of FeedBurner feeds to design and manage feeds with their FeedBurner accounts.

So, it is very convenient to use Google Search API in various applications.