Can You Be Anonymous On Instagram Stories

In the modern world, most people use social networking sites for their entertainment. Social networking sites are considered virtual communicating sites that one can create public profiles, videos, images and interact with friends and relatives. They can interact with the help of internet facilities. It is considered the best and easy platform to connect people all over the world. It helps to increase communication and connection with our loved ones. Some social networking sites are Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Linked-in, etc. The person can use instagram stories anonymous. It is very beneficial to connect the business people to share their thoughts, ideas, messages, and information. 


There are many ways to view Instagram stories anonymous. There is a need to follow the views on Instagram stories. There are three different ways to view Instagram stories anonymous. They are 

ü Create an anonymous Instagram account

ü Turn on the airplane mode

ü Use third part sites or app

The easy way to an anonymous account is to create a new account without the user name. We can ensure the mobile device to airplane mode before tapping them. Instagram automatically preloads the stories to the users. Without a data connection to Wi-Fi, one can theoretically view all videos without the knowledge of others. There are numerous websites and apps for allowing videos anonymously. 


It is a social media platform that enables photos and video sharing using a certain mobile app. They can edit, publish and take visual content to their followers. They can also interact with their followers through comments, shares, and likes. Some of the sign up tips for the Instagram beginners

STEP 1: Instagram download from the play store app

STEP 2: Log in with Facebook using your name, mobile number, email, and password.

STEP 3: It instructs to fill profile info

STEP 4: The user can use the Instagram account 

After the user creates a new account, they need to adjust the notification information. For example, the user can receive notifications if they are liked by anyone else. 


Instagram is considered an entirely visually interacting platform. The most important part of the Instagram page is one can post or upload an image. It is considered the best networking site for sharing photos and videos. It makes easily connect with celebrities, friends, family, and thought leaders and with familiar brands. We can also make use of videos to live streaming. One can view images for up to 10 seconds, and the users can also add unlimited stories. Compared to photos, the videos can get more likes and comments. The users can set their posts as public views, that anyone can view our posts and profiles. 


Therefore, Instagram plays a very important role all around the world with millions of users. With the use of Instagram, one can share their photos, videos with others. It allows millions of users to engage and broadcast their lifetime moments to the modern technological world.