Cash In On Your Good Reviews

We offer a wide range of online marketing services, from Google Ads, to Facebook Advertising, to Conversion Rate Optimisation. By using data, insights, and innovation, we make these services work. And how do we KNOW these services work? Because our clients tell us that they do, and their positive reviews help us attract even more clients.

Online reviews have a huge effect on purchasing decisions. We constantly scan marketing studies and surveys from around the world and have collected a few figures that prove how important reviews are. For example:

  • 91% of people read them.
  • 84% trust them as much as they would a personal recommendation.
  • Customers are 63% more likely to trust and buy from a company with reviews.
  • 31% of customers spend more with a retailer who has excellent reviews.
  • 82% of people specifically seek out negative reviews. However, the research we have seen indicates that users spend five times as long when interacting with negative reviews, with an 85% increase in conversion rate.
  • Reviews are trusted 12 times more than other marketing materials.
  • In one study, consumers said they want to see at least 40 reviews to justify trusting an average star rating. But another study suggested that on average, products are 270% more likely to sell with as few as five reviews.

There are a couple of things worth noting here. Not all reviews are positive, but the negative ones can help you identify pain points in your business. For example, a dozen different reviews might praise the products you sell, but be critical of the complicated checkout process. By creating a more efficient purchase process, you improve that part of your business, as well as the ensuing reviews.

The other thing to understand: you can do better business by highlighting the positive things your customers say about you. When you have positive reviews, use their power by showing them off. Client reviews speak louder than your words, and they should be on your website pages, press releases, marketing content, or in your advertising. We can give you advice on how to get those good words out there.

We use testimonials to show our potential clients what we’re capable of, and the results we can achieve. We understand their importance – do you? Maybe it’s time to take another look at your reviews, and finally start to use them to your advantage.