Choosing Smartest Opportunities in VPN Solutions Now

Why Smart Homes Need A VPN: 4 Reasons to Get One

A VPN is a private network that protects your Internet connection from prying eyes. This is a solution popular with professionals, but which is also fairly easily accessible for individuals. These three letters may be familiar to you, especially since the arrival of Hadopi, the Internet gendarme, in USA. Until recently, VPNs (Virtual Private Network) were mainly used in the corporate world to secure an Internet connection, especially when employees travel abroad. Today anyone can subscribe to such a service for any reason.

A VPN, what for?

Now, the VPN has made a name for itself with the general public. There areseveral reasons for this. If you don’t share sensitive information, you may very well want to remain anonymous on the Internet, whether it’s out of decency, because you really have something to hide, or just so that nothing gets filtered through sites and websites. Operators adept at collecting navigation data. This is true for the Free VPN¬† as well.

The VPN also allows access to services that are not necessarily accessible in a given country. On vacation in China for example, a VPN is essential to access your favorite sites or social networks that are blocked by local authorities. Closer to home, the law relating to intelligence promulgated on July 24, 2015 introduced generalized Internet surveillance in USA. A sort of big brother officially legitimized by the fight against terrorism, which is also easily bypassed by using solutions such as the VPN.

How does VPN work?

A VPN is a secure virtual network on which information passes between a computer and a provider’s server. A sort of encrypted tunnel allows you to maintain total anonymity or almost. Only the IP address of the VPN provider is identified and as we will see later, only he can possibly identify you. To do this it is necessary to configure the connection but practically all providers now offer software (the client) that is much easier to master by the novice who does not necessarily know much about it. Using the Express vpn is important.


Useful precision, the VPN can be installed on a computer, a router behind which several computers are connected, a NAS (Network Attached Storage), a tablet or a smartphone. Once activated, the IP address of your computer is replaced by that of the server to which you are connected, hence the importance of choosing a service that offers enough. The servers are usually installed in different countries and it is easy to switch between them for better performance or simply to meet certain needs.

For example, if you are based in USA, you will have to choose a server based in the United States to be assigned an American IP address in order to access sites for example. Likewise, by choosing a server based in USA when you travel, you can continue to watch French TV channels as if you were at home.

What impact on the performance of the Internet connection?

As practical as it is, the use of a VPN is not without constraints, and anonymity has a cost in terms of performance. The speed of your Internet connection will necessarily be impacted even if several factors are taken into account: the bandwidth available on the server, the country in which you are located and the one in which the chosen server is located, the time of the day, etc.