A crucial indicator of employee satisfaction is on-time remittance of remuneration for services rendered. To make the payment of salaries and other bills a hassle-free process, organizations now make use of HR and payroll management software in India. The system makes a huge difference by streamlining a number of salary and payment-related processes that cannot be subjected to human error at any cost.

Features of a reliable HRMS and payroll software

  • Enables payroll to payout in simple steps
  • Offers multi-country payroll capability
  • Configures tracking and regularizing of leaves
  • Generates remittance and compliance reports
  • Empowers employees through self-service portal
  • Provides billing and invoicing options

Multiple Payments

A company may have to pay not only its employees, but also freelancers, contract workers, vendors, and other third parties. Each person would prefer a payment method that suits their needs. This leaves the HR and finance teams with the towering task of manually computing and processing multiple payments as per requirements. One of the most important benefits offered by a payroll management system is the computing of multiple payments. The system automates the payments and lifts a significant amount of workload from the payment processing teams.

Payment Notifications

The short message notification of salary being credited is an instant feel-good factor. With a payroll management system, you can pay employees directly from the system and notify them on successful payments. This lets the receiver know that the payment was sent to them on the promised date and also lets them verify if the received amount equals the agreed amount. The notifications also act as a receipt which can be used to clear any queries or concerns if they may arise.

Self-Service Options

Employees are offered many self-service features as part of the payroll system where they can manage basic information, leaves, overtime etc. The system even makes it easy to apply for personal loans as per employee eligibility.

  • Automated tracking eliminates any error when it comes to calculating attendance and leaves an employee has taken in a month.
  • No more inconsistencies when it comes to calculating your overtime hours. The payroll system helps to check for the extra hours you have worked and the subsequent payment you must receive.
  • Apply for advancement of payment or for employee loans directly from the self-service portal.
  • Update employee information such as address, shift timings, documents, and much more.
  • View payslips, apply for leaves, access information on investment, tax etc.

No matter the size of your organization, Integrum Technologies’ HRMS and payroll software can offer tailor-made solutions that meet your needs. SMEs, corporates, and even staffing agencies benefit from APPI – Integrum’s workflow driven and future ready payroll software.

Key Features of APPI HR Payroll Management Software

  • 2 click salary process and payout process
  • Pay directly from the application
  • Automated and accurate statutory calculations
  • Superior customer support for all your queries
  • High level security measures to ensure data safety
  • Employee self-service portal for viewing and managing leaves, documents and more.
  • Automated pay slip generation
  • Safe integration of bank details for pay-outs
  • Employee life cycle management including confirmation and separation

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