Cryptocurrency: Then and Now

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Introduction and History:

The journey of cryptocurrency begun when bitcoin was introduced in the market. As the heading says, cryptocurrency, then and now, let’s check out its near history. It was established by American cryptographer David Chaum in the year 1983. Bitcoin was named e-cash in the past. The reason is simply because of its functioning digitally or electronically for remittance and such transaction purposes. Though the popularity that cryptocurrency gained with a sea of interests amongst people, the year 2013. It has been a great affair for the businesspersons, investors trader etc. as it garnered over $200 billion in its existing market. Investors started putting in a lot of money. As cryptocurrency wave spread like fire, the value of the same again increased drastically. Investors got a significant amount of returns and are getting as well.

The hits and misses: Bitcoin 

Whenever the price of a commodity, be it a small pin or a digital currency is kept higher, then it surely raises questions. And so did bitcoin. Prices surged to the extent that Forbes’ had named 2013 as ‘year of the bitcoin’. The price per bitcoin then raised to around $1242. Interested investors and traders were keen on hosting pay with crypto. Some questioned and some welcomed the change. Those who were questioning said it may not be so reliable or is a scam in its originality. Others disagreed saying it was a welcome change to the digitalization’s pace and aimed at greater accomplishments. However, the exactness of both thoughts remains true. This is because as it can be either for anyone depending on the way of investment chosen.

The ever-fluctuating crypto:

With cryptocurrency being a market, people have been willing readily to invest. All are welcoming the changes towards digitalization. Cryptocurrencies have expanded into many different cryptocurrencies branched off in themselves. The list has not been constant or fixed over the last few year’s courses. This has led to investing hazards and risks in the usage of it constructively. 


The investors have established a solution called cryptoindex1000 keeping in mind the necessity and demand of cryptocurrency and coins. It is composed of an artificial intelligence-based setting algorithm called zorax. The index is a tool which is less powerful can be and work as a shield for investors hosting pay with crypto. It also promises and has eradicated many risks from the transactions carried out through the same. Hence it is a great alternative. It assures a sense of safety and security to the investors, business persons and traders, which proves to be a great sense of assuredness.