Data science Training in Bangalore: boon to different sectors

Data science, in today’s world, plays a very important role in the field of science and technology. What do we understand by the term data science? It is basically a multi-disciplinary program which collects information or data based on the user’s history and stores it for further use. Data science uses algorithms, statistics and other methods to store data and convert it into useful information. With the help of algorithms and statistics, it arranges the data and helps the users with their requirements. Data science has many applications for the world that never sleeps.

One of the main fields where data science is used the most are the search engines. All the information in the world is available on websites like Google, Yahoo, Internet Explorer, etc. But these websites only show the information which is required by the users. This happens because of the data science used in it. When you search for the information of an IC engine, it does not show you the information of an Amazon forest, but instead it suggests to you the assembly of an IC engine or the working of an IC engine in your next search. This is one of the uses of data science training in Bangalore.

Marketing has gotten a new approach with the help of data science- billboards across the city or at the airport, pop up advertisements showing when you are browsing the internet- these are examples of digital marketing. With the help of data science, they collect the information of the user’s requirements based on their past browsing history and products are similarly suggested. If you had searched for baby cribs in the past, you will find ads of baby clothes or diapers and also baby cribs in the pop-up section of the websites.

Gaming is also one of the sectors where data science is widely used. Many gaming companies like Xbox and PlayStation have taken the gaming experience to the next level with their graphics. These companies improve their gaming features with the help of mechanical algorithms and statistics in data science. The computer, which plays as the opponent based on the previous move of the player, improvises its moves and tactics.

Website like Trivago, MakeMyTrip, and Junglee fetch data using the UPIs and RSS feed. This type of data is used for comparing various aspects and products. Website like Trivago compare price ranges and facilitates the same hotel on different booking websites. This type of comparison is done with the help of RSS feed. By collecting data of the traveler and knowing his/her needs, the websites suggest hotel options.

The airline industry is one of the most major working industries in today’s world. Due to inflation, the airline industries are facing some sort of loss annually.  To overcome this problem, they have started using data science to improve their situation. Collecting information about the weather in different countries and planning the landing accordingly helps in saving time as well as fuel. Based on customer reviews of a specific airline company, the passenger is suggested which type of tickets they should buy.

Delivery logistics is also one of the sectors where data science is widely used. Finding the best and earliest routes possible to deliver a package is done with the help of data collected from maps and GPS. Data science Course in Bangalore also has applications in the medical field as the history of the patient can be viewed and the treatments can be suggested. Data science in this developing world is a boon for the development of many sectors.

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