Does 5G Internet Actually Cause Health Problems

We’ve all heard the rumors flying around about the release of 5G internet and the possibility that due to the nature of its design, it may be harmful to human health. Of course, if you search far enough and deep enough on the internet, you’ll find that almost anything is harmful to your health. I’ve read everything from tomatoes causing cancer, to laptops on your lap causing sterility… and pretty much everything in between! So what are the potential risks of 5G internet?

Before we dive into the risks, we should first consider what is 5G internet and how is it transmitted. The next rollout of 5G internet is, outside of health concerns, supposed to be a really big improvement to our wireless and cellular internet capabilities. You could potentially get faster internet speeds with a WiFi Hotspot like this than a cable connection! That’s pretty impressive. Not to mention battery life efficiency will improve across all devices, and multi-device support.

I’m sure you’ve seen cellular towers all around the country, some right there in the open, and some disguised as trees to try and make them fit in with the location they are erected. These cell towers transmit the cellular cell signal with what is known as Electromagnetic Frequency or EMF. These EMF’s are potentially damaging to humans, especially if you are near the cell towers where they are the most powerful and prevalent. A more ubiquitous rollout of cellular wireless internet, 5G or not would potentially also mean installation of many more towers, which could mean more health concerns for the citizens living near these new towers.

To add to this, your cell phone also emits radiation during use and prolonged exposure to this radiation has been known to cause a rare form of heart and brain tumors in rats. Of course, this is not conclusive to humans nor are the radiation levels in the experiment necessarily equal to that of cellphones, but it certainly is a cause for concern.

Some experts do warn that because the results are not conclusive, it is still worthwhile to try and maintain some sort of protection between you and the radiation released by your cell phone. Some cases can help with this radiation, and other claim that headsets or headphones with microphones are a good option for this type of safety, so that you don’t need to keep your cell phone right by your face and brain when you are using it… thus keeping the radiation further from your body.

As we become more and more attached to our phones than ever, it is important to continue our research into 5G internet and EMF radiation so that we can be proactive in resolving these issues before a complete rollout of 5G internet happens and we are not ready for the consequences. Always better to be prepared than to scramble in the aftermath, so in the meantime, make sure you are following the science and the studies that are released about 5G internet, so that you can stay up to date on the latest and greatest in this potentially life changing… and maybe harmful… technology.