Elo Climbing will be easier if you will pick Taliyah

Taliyah – not the standard Mid Laner

What is the most important while you are dueling at the middle lane? To be unpredictable and surprising to an enemy. Taliyah is exactly such a League of Legends champion that will secure your win streakšŸ™‚ TaliahĀ could not be an easy champion, but it definitely worth to learn her, she could show impressive results and affect the result of the game like no other mid lane champion.The current Taliyah build is pretty weird, but it is working so good in the current LoL Meta. Just go on the mid lane with Smite and Unsealed Spellbook. Decreased mana cost on the Runic Echoes is an enormous buff for us, that may remain unnoticed by many mid lane players. The power spikes for AP mid champions was increased a lot, and now Runic Echoes are incredibly effective. Just look at the booster’s statsĀ at the Elo-Boosters.com and you will see all the evidence you need. Especially for such champion who could easily clear jungle camps, like Taliyah.Taliyah the climb

Tips and tricks that help you outsmart your opponent

The major part of this build is next: NEVER purchase jungle artifacts from the very beginning. Or this will greatly decrease upcoming gold from CSing and you will receive a monster hunter penalty. Start your match with the Fiendish Codex, and rush to the Runic Echoes. Spellbook is my personal choice, it really helps with the gaining lane priority with Smite and outleveling your enemy by reaching the fastest level 2 in the history of League of Legends.Later you will be able to swap Smite to the more effective summoner spell to an AP mid lane champions, like Ignite, Teleport or even Cleanse, depends on the in-game situation. With this strategy you will be the strongest champion during the early game, but it may take some time to master it. So do not hesitate to spend some time in practice mode, to train your skills with this mid laner’s kit.—————-