Essential Options for the Right Tech Options

To say that the advancement of technology is incredibly fast is to be in common place. We are already used to this reality and we are no longer amazed by the amount of news that comes up every moment.

However, the constant launch of new products, platforms and concepts creates a number of possibilities and needs that had previously been absent in our lives. Who imagined, five years ago, to use the cell phone to access the internet the same way that was made computer? From Yogesh you will have the best tech blogs opening all.

The Additional Option

In addition to the emergence of new features, there is the evolution of what we already knew. Just remember what your computer was like in the early 2000s and compare it to current models, which squander speed and performance. Not to mention the cell phones themselves, which “bricks” have become small information centers in your pocket.

The crystal ball

If technology advances so quickly, why aren’t we astonished by it? It may seem paradoxical, but the change is so constant that we fail to see the news with the eyes of those who have never seen anything like it.

All because we already expect these changes

This is not to say that ten years ago you knew that the 100 Mbps internet was so affordable, and dial-up was still absolute at the beginning of the decade. However, we were already seeing a leap with the rise of broadband and increasing speeds, which gave us an idea of ​​what was to come.

  • Prediction of the future?
  • Pure market analysis.

These “predictions” of the future are quite recurring in the technology world. Who has never seen a concept of what future computers or your car will look like in the next twenty years? But none of them are just guessing or guessing, but guessing.

There are people who are practically experts in these technological “glimpses”. For this, the so-called futurists do not use crystal balls or possess supernatural powers. They only use current parameters and project them for years to come.

An Example

This is the case of Reto Meier, an American author who made several predictions of the future. According to him, the pace with which the news comes makes it possible to imagine what is coming in the short, medium and long term.

Based on trends found in today’s products, such as media convergence and cloud computing, Meier can see which way technology will follow in the coming years.

But he is not alone, and companies know it. In this way, they partner with these futurists to find out in which area to invest in the next generation of products to please and reach a larger audience.

This means that all technologies for the coming years and decades are just an evolution of what already exists. Have you ever wondered what your computer will look like five years from now or if it will still exist as we know it by 2020?

The future in numbers

The tablet year

If the predictions of the future are nothing more than an analysis of current trends, the most immediate and plausible projections are almost immediate, that is, for 2011. Simply knowing what has been successful this year will let us know what will explode in the future.

With the launch of the iPad and its increasing popularity, for example, it is noticeable that tablet sales will be very significant next year, especially with the entry of other brands in the market.