Factors that Determine Our Broadband Internet Speed

We all need and yearn for high speed internet connection, but even now, the technologies do lapse at times, even if we think we are subscribed to the latest internet package. And when it goes down, the only thing that is mostly seen happening, is trying to speculate, what could have gone wrong.

But if we know in advance what are the factors that determine the Internet speed, this process of speculation becomes easier, and we can solve the issue faster, than waiting for our provider to come to our rescue. Taking a closer look at the functionalities of the different components that make the internet work will help us in this process. For this we took useful insights from a reputed internet provider in Montreal.

Determining the Speed of Internet

There can be a number of factors that would be affecting the speed of your internet. And here we have listed them with a brief description on how they can affect the internet speed.

Your Subscribed Internet Package

The preferred package you have subscribed for your internet connection is one of the major factors that is capable of determining the speed of your internet connection. It is dependent on the technology that is used by your ISP for the connection they have set for you. The components used in that package like the modem, the wireless generation, the satellite, the cable all play their own roles in making the internet speed faster or slower. For example, a Cable or DSL connection would be much faster than the traditional Dial-Up internet connection.


Internet traffic too might play an important role in determining the speed of your internet connection. Pages you visit through your browser that have a high traffic can take much more time, and the traffic of those websites can be the real foul player in this and not your computer processor that is slowing down your internet connection. To make sure, try logging into your regular email, with and without the webpages being opened. If your emails load faster when there are no other tabs open with another webpage, and taking ages to load, if they are open, you can be sure, that it is the traffic of that page that is allowing down your browsing speed.

Your Router

With the regularly upgrading technologies that keep speeding up the internet, the routers too need to get upgraded to support them. If you are using a router more than a couple of years, and things are deteriorating every day, then it could be the router through which the signal of the internet get split up to spread among all the devices connected to the internet.

Your Computer Processor

Apart from all these, it could also be the processor of your computer that can be held responsible for giving you a slower internet browsing experience. Older configurations of processors were not made capable enough to support the latest internet speed, and hence you need to upgrade your processor, if you want to make it run compatibly with the modern internet speed.