Features to Look for in a Windows Hosting Plan

Due to the lower level of technical knowledge needed to communicate with a Windows web hosting server, many people who start hosting their own blogs or company websites prefer a Windows hosting solution. Windows is the operating system installed on most PCs in the world, so most individuals are at least comparable with Windows’ look and feel and know how to install software or operate a Windows computer.

Windows hosting plan is the best option for beginners, but this does not mean that the power and reliability needed to run high-profile websites or large web applications is missing for Windows servers. It is vital to recognize what functions are included with the Windows web hosting solution and the expenses of any additional services, no wonder what you intend to do with your Windows web host. In this post, we examine some of the most significant features that any Windows hosting plan should come with and show you how to take advantage of these features.

Support for your development system for Windows

Microsoft technologies, like the ASP.NET development platform, are designed for several web apps or websites that are expected to run on a Windows host. Many providers of Windows web hosting provider plans, which provide support for ASP.NET-developed applications. You must pay attention to the version of ASP.NET that the Windows web host supports. The new version of the ASP.NET platform is 4.0, but an older version could be built for the web applications that you intend to run on your web server. ASP versions usually have backward compatibility, ensuring that the 4.0 version will run a web application developed with version 2.0 of the .NET system.

Compatibility of the database server with your Windows hosting solution

A database server is one feature that needs to be included in every quality Windows hosting plan. Database servers, such as MySQL or MS SQL Server, are applications which, for a web application or website, collect, store and deliver data. For example, your Twitter messages, or the posts you make on Facebook, are saved by a database server. You need a database server if you plan to install a web application, such as the WordPress blogging site, on your Windows web host. A MySQL database is provided by most Windows web hosting services since it is open source and affordable. It is a smart option to opt for a package that includes MySQL, MS Access, and MS SQL Server, which are the most popular database formats you will find, to confirm that your server is compatible with most web apps.

The number of databases and the database ability provided by your Windows web hosting company is another factor to consider. For instance, if you run two different websites on your server, or if you have complex applications that operate with more than one database, you can need several databases. Some providers restrict the amount of disc space allocated to your database, which, if you run a data-intensive app with comprehensive performance specifications, can potentially lead to issues.

Support services for Windows hosting

24/7, robust customer support is one of the most important things to search for when selecting a web hosting service. Regardless of whether you are a seasoned professional or just a web hosting amateur, you will need the support of your Windows web hosting company sooner or later. It is important to have a Windows hosting specialist who is able to recognize the root cause of the issue and help fix it instantly when problems occur. Good customer service means more than tech assistance, but a feature that should be included with all Windows hosting plans is 24/7 technical support. If you plan on moving your website from some other hosting account, you can check if free website transfers are provided by your new Windows hosting service provider. Some providers ask for a charge for this service, which can easily add costs to the hosting service’s already low costs. Similarly, for the setup of your Windows hosting account, some providers charge a fee. Again, this setup charge may not be significant, but it does contribute to the Windows web hosting solution’s total cost.