Firewall Policy Management solutions: A boon for the organizations amid cyber attacks

Firewall Policy Management solutions have become a trending key term in the year 2020. The increased requirement of firewall policy and the need to implement it is due to the increased cyber crimes. A cyber attack has enough strength to shut down your entire business within 6 months. More than 50% of the small business have folded up their operations due to a cyber-attack. Another shocking data is that close to 70% of the big business firms have packed their bags and shut themselves down. Why? Data loss!

This emphasizes the need for the Firewall Policy Management solutions that insinuate a need amongst the employees to maintain the standards. Making clear ground rules enable the employees to handle their data in the correct manner.

Why shift to Firewall Policy Management solutions?

In one word, the answer is complexity! The large volumes of data and the increased complexity of the data leads to the requirement of automation. Having an automated solution and software enhances the probability of protection and security. The central dashboard monitors all the firewalls which are present in the organization. For the larger organizations, going through automation is always the best solution.

Using automation helps to track the threats and attacks in real-time. This enhances the ease with which you can find the missing pieces in the puzzle, which enhances the security. The security of the network, if compromised, is alerted through the signals that are being sent. Having automated solutions offer the most reliable way to counter any mishaps related to data.

Characteristics of a Firewall Policy Management solutions

Now that we have discussed why you should implement an automated firewall management solution to your system, let us discover the characteristics that make it as they are:

  • Flexibility: Offering the support and operations to all the firewalls which have been in operation for a long time.
  • Cloud technology: The support and protection extended towards the network are automated. The data shared in the cloud is also supported by the software.
  • Ease of discovery: New devices can be detected easily. This would enhance the protection extended to the device.
  • Ease of audit: The auditing becomes easier as the compliance of the policies is taken care. Planning of the policy and enforcement of the rules are also considered in the application.
  • Threat identification: In case of any anomalous behavior, the threats are notified to the users. This helps in looking into the pitfalls of the network and correct it eventually.
  • Analytical approach: An analysis of the best practices if being followed or not. Moreover, the relentless monitoring allows the real-time attacks to be blocked, notified and captured. This enhances the effectiveness of the system, thus increasing efficiency.
  • Auto-update: One of the best features of the software that allows the automatic updates of the policies. This makes it easier to maintain large networks, easily.
  • Pricing: If you are looking to avail of the best features at one go, it is suggested to go for the premium pricing option.