Fridge, Washing Machine and AC: 3 At Their Best

With the Best refrigerator the people eat healthier and consume more and more fresh products. And the appliance manufacturers do not fail to help them. Refrigerators, in particular, are evolving to adapt to this trend. Some include new technologies specially dedicated to the conservation of fresh products. But how do you choose your refrigerator to keep your food fresh?

Eat fresh and waste less

Foods are kept here better and longer, this makes it possible to shop less often. But above all, it avoids waste. According to the Ministry of Agriculture, each French citizen wastes 20 kg of food per year, the equivalent of one meal per week,not very economical or very ecological. Proper management of expiration dates can reverse this trend. And in the case of certain fresh products, better conservation prolongs their shelf life and can help limit this waste. Refrigerator manufacturers are clearly involved in this fight

Choose your fridge-freezer

First, make sure that the number of drawers dedicated to keeping fresh food is in line with your eating habits. If you are a vegetarian, a single drawer is probably not enough. In this case, two drawers is a minimum.

What budget should be spent on the purchase of a washing machine?

The lifespan of the Best washing machine measured, shows longevity of almost 11 years. Good point: the washing machine is more and more innovative, and yet its price is more and more controlled. The average price for a washing machine is $ 403. The price range ranges from $ 199 for entry-level washing machines to several thousand euros for professional equipment or luxury washing machines. Of course, this price depends mainly on the capacity, the precision of the technology associated with the care of the linen, and finally on the environmental performance (savings of water, electricity, detergent, noise level) of the apparatus. The average price of a washing machine in France is between 300 and 600 euros.

Good questions to ask yourself before buying your washing machine

The space available and the number of inhabitants in the home are the two main criteria on which the French rely for the purchase of a washing machine. Single? No need to start buying an ultra-large washing machine. On the other hand, a large family will be seduced by a device capable of washing more than 9 kilograms of laundry at one time.

In principle, a high-capacity washing machine, if it does not eliminate the sorting of laundry by color, can still reduce the number of cycles performed in a week. It is also interesting to note that the drudgery of emptying and hanging up the laundry if the household does not have a dryer will be reduced.

The different dimensions of washing machines

Today there are two kinds of large capacity washing machines, namely those which keep a standard footprint of 60 centimeters wide and those whose dimensions approach those of professional type by their capacity and their dimensions. Of course, these washing machines are especially suitable for large families.

For city dwellers in need of space and for small dwellings, there are, conversely, compact washing machines which offer a width of 40 centimeters as well as top loading, or shallow loading with porthole loading.

AC At Its Best

In case of the Best AC the BTU / h are closely related to the cubic meters of the environment in which the air conditioner must be used: the air conditioner must be sized according to the volumes of the environment in which it operates.

To calculate therefore the BTU / h of the air conditioner we can follow the following two steps:

Calculate the volume of the room to be conditioned. To do this – assuming we are in a room that has the shape of a rectangular parallelepiped – it will suffice that we multiply its width by its length and by its height. For example, if we have a room measuring 5 meters wide, 4 m long and 3 m high, the calculation would be: 5 x 4 x 3 = 60.

  • Multiply the result by 100. In our case we would get 6000 (60 x 100).
  • The result thus obtained represents the power of the air conditioner which is necessary for us to condition our environment. In our case 600 BTU / h.