Get More Speed for your phone


It will be a pain to use your phone when it starts slow down. Sometimes you are unable to a photo or install new application due to low storage space. When those two problems rise, you may experience less battery usage or life. It causes your phone to charge more frequently than before. Finding a solution for those problems are no easier with software. Because apps your installed cause all those problems. If you are able to manage all those installed apps and files, you can gain lost performance and battery life easily. 

There are lots of tools for that like Clean Master. Since Clean master not in play store you can use AVG Cleaner. AVG is a popular antivirus. Therefore, they have the knowledge it making effective Android Cleaning tool. You can easily search play store and install it. If not, you can use any third-party app stores like AC Market. Below listed some of the main features of this awesome AVG Cleaner apk.

Features of AVG Cleaner

Uninstall any app – Many Android phones comes with pre-installed apps. Some of them are duplicates. For example, you may have seen 2 browsers, 2 messaging apps, 2 mail apps and so on. Those app consumes considerable amount of storage space and CPU workload. Even though apps are not using, they might run on background to push notifications, updates and many more. Those unwanted background processers cause your devices to have shorter battery life and slow performance. You can delete all those unwanted apps including pre-installed using AVG Cleaner.

Get More Space – This feature helps you to remove files that you were unable to delete manually. Those are called junk files. For example, there residues from system updates, app updates, app data and many more. Some app data may remain after uninstalling too. You can completely remove all those files gain more storage space.

Boost Performance – There are lots of factors affecting phone performance. Cleaning junks and unwanted apps too helps to boost performance. You can remove apps that run background that no longer required. Reducing the CPU workload or background processers that utilize RAM and CPU helps to boost phone performance easily.

Longer Battery Life – You can stop or hibernate background tasks that utilize battery power even without using the phone. Reducing processers that drain battery power will increase battery time and reduce frequency of charging your phone.

Thera are lots of other features like File manager, Virus scanner, RAM cleaner and many more. You can find out all those features by using this free application. You can even install this cleaning tool on Android TV boxes too. For that you can use Filelinked or Aptoide TV. Filelinked is the best choice when it comes to installing APK files on any Android TV box like Shield TV, Mi BOX, Firestick and many more. For more visit: