How Can Gamer Platforms Help You

We all need help once in a while in video games. Sometimes there’s a boss that’s just way too difficult, we get matched up with teammates who have no idea what they’re doing, or there’s a mission that seems impossible to complete alone. You may also need some help getting some cash. We all do sometimes. A good thing for gamers is that there’s a lot of ways for them to solve these problems. If you need help with your games or earning some money, gamer platforms like Gank are here to help.

Ranked Games/Missions

We all know the struggles that go won in ranked games. Having AFK teammates can really be a pain in the neck. It could put your team in a really big disadvantage even if just one teammate went AFK. Maybe you or a teammate can get fed enough to actually lead the team to victory but that’s a rare case. But if you had a teammate from Gank, you’ve got one less teammate to worry about going AFK.

There are also unreliable teammates who don’t look at the maps, don’t help you when you request backup, or even just end up feeding the enemies. When you recruit someone from a gamer platform, you are also hiring someone who you know could be of help to your journey to the top.

They could also help you in finding players who could assist you in missions like hunting down a certain enemy or beating a boss that’s way above your expertise. This could help you gain materials that are difficult to obtain alone. Take Genshin Impact for instance. You could hire someone to take care of those Vine bosses for you and pick up the loot afterwards.

Beat the Lonely Feeling

Sometimes playing alone can be great. Hours of playing all by yourself. But it can get boring and lonely after some time. That’s what gamer platforms are for. Not only can they help you find a gamer that could assist you in your quest to improve your rank or collect resources, they can also keep you company as you play.

It will make tense situations become less hostile because someone will have your back. You don’t have to be all jumpy and worry about enemies sneaking up behind you. You’d even have a better time since you’ve got someone you could laugh with, exchange stories with, etc.

Earn Money

Gamer platforms could also help you earn a living. You could go to gamer platforms like Twitch if you want to broadcast your gameplays. There are thousands of streamers these days but all are unique their own way. You could also try out recording your videos, editing, and uploading them on YouTube. When you get lots of views and tons of subscribers, that’s when the money starts rolling in.

There’s also gamer platforms like Gank where you could get hired by people to play games with them. You could be the one helping a gamer reach his or her desired rank. You could be the one to help keep them company. Gank not only helps you meet with other people, you could earn a living as well.

There’s no doubt that there are also downsides in different gamer platforms but the pros  easily outweigh the cons.