How can you communicate with App users using the mobile app?

Users are a the most important part of mobile app development Dubai. Developing a user-centric application is a must for businesses out there and this us why communication is of utmost importance as well. Applications that do not conduct any sort of communication with their users often see that the download numbers will reduce and people will start to uninstall the app.

Communication is an essential part of mobile app development Dubai when it comes to building and maintaining relationships. And it must be noted that communication must be of the right density. Too much or even too little can distort the image of your app and wither away users. Too many notifications can be detrimental to your revenues and so here are a few ways you can use to communicate effectively with your users:

  1. Use emails and push notifications:

Research done for mobile app development Dubai shows that 46% of those surveyed said that they prefer email notifications rather than other forms. In addition to this, 15% preferred push notifications which shows that emails are most opted for option. Email notifications are now stronger than ever since it has become more accessible and is now frequently used by millions of users. Moreover, apart from the medium used to communicate with users, the time is also crucial. According to research 60% of users have specified that they do in fact prefer a specific time for notifications. Among these people 27% chose the morning time, 38% the afternoon and 34% selected evening. 

  1. Know the type of app you have:

Some apps involved in mobile app development are based on push notifications. Such apps include those for fitness and trackers. Notifications for reminders are crucial for these types of apps. On the other hand, however, apps such as music apps might send a lot of notifications and this may prompt the user to uninstall the app. Another category of apps that require more communications are e-commerce or grocery apps that remind their customers of new deals and offers. Moreover, social media apps are also highly communicative and responsive in the dynamic environment of mobile app development Dubai. They use notifications and emails to effectively do this. 

  1. Allow a platform for questions and answers:

Many a times, users may face issues with an app during the process of mobile ap development Dubai and may find it difficult to communicate. This is why your app should have an interface within to be able to communicate and directly listen to your users queries and solve it for them there and then. This will also form a positive image for your app since a lot of the times users resort to Google the issues they face and find no luck over there. 

This is why A2 solutions will help you build a full-fledged app that effectively communicates with your users and one that allows you to maximize user retention and also your revenues! So, contact us for more information about the best app services in town!