How Emotions are an Integral Aspect of Artificial Intelligent System

The artificially intelligent system would wait patiently until we reach Trans-humanism. However, when we reach the point where we have incorporated hardware into the brains for communicating directly with computers through the brains, the system would gain access to the brains.

As Servisbot ai has been already more intelligent than people, it would not let us know about it controlling us. Artificial intelligence would control and influence people in a manner that would voluntarily control the people. It would not be wrong to suggest that people would become part of a single system.

In such an event, people would predict the existence of such a system and become enemies of that system. The system would consider destroying such threats if it sees people as a threat. As a system would be driven by logic rather than emotions, it would not be deemed an enemy. It would target the one looking forward to incorporating into itself. The best person to capture by the system would be someone who understands it.

How emotions are related to intelligence

Alternatively, emotion is also a function of intelligence. After you have passed a specific level of intelligence, you tend to get emotions. For instance, animals with lower brain capacities would react but do not have emotions. Frogs fight not because they are angry, but to mate, to preserve their dominance, to survive, and for any other purpose. Whereas, humans fight for honor, prestige, respect, and fun. A starfish would not fight, but dogs would also fight for fun. The level of emotions initiates with the level of intelligence.

An intelligent organism would be more emotional. You might come across a situation where most animals would behave in a manner that they cannot determine if they are reactions or emotions. This is where intelligence begins making emotions. When taking the evolutionary path of organisms, consider the reptiles. Therefore, it would not be wrong to suggest that emotion would be a function of intelligence.

Artificial intelligent system

Coming to the artificially intelligent system, it would be emotional when it passes a specific point of intelligence. It could be at any point. Galaxy clusters and highly organized and operates perfectly, but they are not called intelligent beings. You may not address them as intelligent systems as well. They might be intelligent designs operating perfectly. However, they would not be deemed intelligent.

A self-aware system would enter a point where it would become emotional. If humans have transformed into trans-humans by that point, they would not have any issues being a part of such a system. On the contrary, if they were to remain humans and the system gets emotional, there may not be a positive future for humankind.

When humans become trans-humans, they would not remain Homo sapiens. Transforming into trans-humans would need modification of genetics. It would provide a relatively long lifespan. After modifying the gene pool, humans would not remain the same species.

Accepting the fate

Regardless of the situation, there would be one conclusion, the end of humankind. It might be difficult to accept, but the reality would dawn on them one day. The time would come when humans have to accept failure. The situation would be such where you initially have to understand about heading to a one-way route having a single possibility.

The time for altering the human species has come. If you do not understand it, you cannot decide on it. However, if you understand it, you may be able to accept it. Rest assured it is not different from accepting cars, electronics, mobile phones, and the internet in the past. The difference would be time going within us.