How good is the Mamba electric grinder?

As a frequent grinder of herbs, I have had the challenge of trying grinder after grinder to find one that will give me a consistent, easy, and clean grind every time. For a long time, I used a manual grinder with the idea that being more “in control” of the grind would produce exactly what I was looking for. I struggled and was never satisfied. I was recently able to use the Mamba electric grinder, and despite my ego telling me that I could grind more to my taste than a machine, I was very wrong! The Mamba grinder was able to give me the same perfect result every time, without large pieces getting missed, or over-grinding the rest of the herb. 

Favourite Features

I was very impressed with the Mamba grinder’s ability to give me a consistent grind without jamming. Other electric grinders that I have tried in the past get sticky and jam quickly, and require constant cleaning. The moving parts in the Mamba grinder are engineered with such precision that it does not get stuck like some manual herb grinders I have used in the past. When I disassembled the grinding mechanism to check it out, I could really feel the quality in the parts. It’s been made with Aircraft-grade aluminum, and from performance to aesthetics, you can tell. The Mamba electric grinder also has a great one-handed design, which is convenient for frequent use. I could see this feature being very useful for someone who has arthritis or other physical limitations in their hands/wrists. It is surprisingly quiet and has a great battery life.

The cone-shaped opening is the cherry on top of the Mamba electric grinder. Not only did the motor grind my herb perfectly, it was so easy to precisely fill my container without spilling. No other grinder that I have tried had this feature, and it is by far one of my favourite designs.

How to use

The Mamba grinder is rechargeable with a lithium ion battery, and you can use it extensively before having to recharge it. To use, simply lay the grinder on a flat surface with the cone up and unscrew the grinding mechanism. Place your herbs, tea, or seasonings into the grinder, replace the top, and hold it upright. You can choose between forward and reverse to get the ideal grind for your tastes or needs. By holding the Mamba electric grinder over your container, food, or hand, you can easily get your freshly ground herb wherever you need it. I preferred the Mamba over other electric grinders that I have tried when it comes to cleanliness. My hands are able to stay clean, and I do not have to worry about contaminating my herb with other flavours or odours that happen to be around. 

The take-away

I highly recommend the Mamba electric herb grinder for anyone who needs at-home grinding. It produced a consistent, easy, and clean grind for me each time I used it. It comes in four colours, from luxurious black to bright and fun hot-pink. The Mamba electric grinder was fast, ergonomic, and produced a high-quality grind for a very picky herb enthusiast. The price is much lower than I anticipated, and I was pleasantly surprised there. And although you tend to “get what you pay for,” you definitely get more than what you pay for with the Mamba grinder.