How Scrabble Helps Coders to Code Well

People play Scrabble for a lot of reasons: to socialize, hone their vocabulary prowess, or to compete. But can you imagine that this classic board game can also benefit computer programmers and coders out there?

Yes, you heard that right. You can find articles on the internet telling why product teams and businesspeople should play board games. This blog post, on the other hand, will tackle why coders should close their laptops for a moment and play board games such as Scrabble.

Given the tons of games that you can play on your phone, laptop, or computer today, you may find playing Scrabble old-school and unenjoyable. But I’m afraid you might be mistaken in this assumption. If you want to know how Scrabble can benefit you as a computer programmer or coder, here are some positives of the game that you have to know.

Gives You Screen Break

Due to the nature of their work, coders spend a lot of time staring at their computer screens. But there are harmful effects on your health if your screen time goes beyond the normal. That’s why you should play Scrabble because it gives you a screen break whenever you need it.

Playing Scrabble also helps you to relax and have fun with your friends and fellow coders. This game helps you to get rid of the stress from work, forget your deadlines (momentarily), and refresh your mind. Of course, all these benefits can be a massive help for your job as a coder.

Taking a momentary break is what you need to refocus on your coding stuff when you get back at it. It’s because having a clear mind is one of the qualities of being a great coder. And playing board games such as Scrabble is an excellent way to keep you at ease and have a clear mindset.

Helps You Become a Great Problem-Solver

Being good at computer programming and coding requires you to have a sharp memory, logical mindset, and excellent problem-solving skills. Since board games such as Scrabble involve tasks that help you think and concentrate on a problem, it’s undeniable that Scrabble can be a great pastime to make you become a good coder. Together with playing Scrabble make it an extra challenge by playing Scrabble or Coding with the help of a Pomodoro Timer in order to make your whole learning process more meaningful. The pomodoro technique or timer is going to help you learn things faster and balance work with breaks.

Nowadays, with the rise of social media and other stuff that keeps us out of focus, playing Scrabble can benefit those people whose work requires them to concentrate and solve problems. This game gives you the challenge to think logically, focus on a problem, and solve it.

Isn’t computer programming and coding all about being logical and an excellent problem-solver? Well, if you think it is, then you should take some free time to play Scrabble!

Playing Scrabble Requires You to Experiment and Think Creatively

Using your creative mind, experimentation, and taking risks are essential qualities of an excellent computer programmer and coder. In Scrabble, you’re free to use your creative imagination to come up with the best words to win the game. The game is all about using your mind if you want to triumph, and this is no different in your coding work.

The stuff that you do in playing Scrabble can influence your computer programming and coding mindset. For instance, it might affect you to experiment and try new paradigms, tools, and frameworks in your programming and coding work. And, of course, that’s something that shouldn’t be underestimated.

Develops Your Capability to Work in a Team

Computer programmers and coders are somewhat pigeonholed for their lack of interpersonal and social skills. There’s some truth and falsehood with this observation, of course, because not all programmers and coders can be placed under this stereotype. After all, people have different personalities and emotional inclinations.

However, for those coders who are poor in their social and interpersonal skills, there’s no wrong to improve these abilities, especially if you’re working with other people. In this case, playing Scrabble can be a positive way to achieve this goal since this game requires you to socialize and have fun.

In fact, Scrabble is one of the games that are played in team-building activities. It helps players to cooperate, communicate, plan, manage, and solve problems. The game also requires you to assume a role and takes responsibility in a group or team setting.

Your ability to communicate and work with other people are essential skills in your computer programming and coding work. Always remember that no man is an island. So, be at ease with people and develop your social skills by playing games such as Scrabble.


Yes, there are several benefits when you play board games such as Scrabble. For computer programmers and coders out there, this game can be a relaxing activity that can provide you a much-needed screen break. It can also develop your problem-solving, logical, communication, and teamwork skills.  So, this game is good for coders.