How the WordPress Sticky Plugin can help you to customize functionality of your website?

It is very important to choose the technology to make your website. For many webmasters WordPress is one of the best technology to make their website. The reason for this is the large number of features that can be integrated in the WordPress Websites. There are a lot of plugins available, which all can be used to impart different functionalities to your website. One such plugin is WordPress Sticky plugin which has a wide utility. In this article, we will have a look at the key details related to this particular plugin.

The WordPress Stick plugin is used to freeze different website elements when the user is scrolling down the website or blog. That is different elements like Top Menus, Side Menus, Banners and more can be freeze up by the application of this plugin. At times, when the users are scrolling the website, as a webmaster we want to show them some elements like sticky menu continuously. These elements can be made sticky by the use of WordPress Sticky plugin.

Features of WordPress Sticky Plugin

Let’s have a look at some important features of WordPress Sticky Plugin:

  • Firstly, different type of website elements can be made sticky. That is you can freeze different elements, be it the menus, or popups or banners.
  • The nest important feature of WordPress Sticky plugin is that more than one element can be made freeze up or sticky at any time. That is you can freeze both the menus as well as banners at the same instant. In fact, a completely new look can be provided to your website by the application of this plugin.
  • You can add different customisation features like white spaces when you are making the elements sticky. These features help to provide a better look to your website when different elements are freeze up.

Thus, the above are some of the main features of WordPress Sticky Plugin.

Use of this plugin for guest blogging websites

There is a great utility of this plugin for guest posting sites as well. Many websites and blogs have a guest blogging section through which the web master invites different authors to post guest articles or guest blogs to their websites. The heading of this section can be made sticky by the use of WordPress Sticky Plugin so that they are visible at all the times. This will provoke the users to click this section and submit the guest blogs. This will in turn help to drive traffic to the website as well as to improve the ranking of the website in Search engines.

Hence, it is a very important application of the WordPress Sticky Plugin. Apart from this, there are many other applications of this plugin like making some typical banner or popup sticky if you want to show some important information or notice to the users. Some important forms can also be made sticky if you want to force the user to fill some important information in the form. Thus, we have seen in this article, the key details related to the WordPress Sticky Plugin.