How to Buy Keyword Installs?

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With the use of technology, buyers can now get to use the products easily. The products which they get are just like the market. In this way, through a good response of people productivity increases and information can be taken quite easily by the buyers related to any particular thing without facing any kind of problem. It has become easier for people to get their mail orders within the due time. People do not get to face any problems through the use of technology.

This is the reason businesses are switching to apps more and more. But just like the real world, competition is extremely high in the app store market. So marketers are looking to buy keyword installs. There are a lot of websites that are providing such services. Their packages are mostly as follows:

Cost per click package

In the cost per click package, when a visitor will click on the link then you have to pay. Whether the visitor will install the app or not it’s up to the visitor. If a real time click happened then you pay. Advantage of this package is that since there is no tracking involved so you can start right away. Also this package is relatively cheaper than other packages mostly. If we estimate conversion of per click to install then almost 40 to 80% it is. We can also call this package a go to package. 

Cost per install package

In the cost per install package, when a visitor will install your app only then you have to pay the money. The advantage of this package is that you get surety that your money is being spent on the right place. There is also another variation in the package that a visitor not only just install it but also keep it in the mobile for at least 3 days. If a user uninstall the app before 3 days then it will not come in the conversion. But in order for this package to work, you have to do complete set up as there is tracking involved.

Cost per action package

In the cost per action package, you give certain actions and only then conversion is done when that specific action is triggered. For this package to work, you have to discuss your campaign manager. This is also a good approach for motivating the visitors to do certain things. 

Cost per keyword search and install package

In this type of package, you will provide one keyword or multiple sets of keywords. When visitors will search using your given keyword, they will be redirected to a landing page. Then they will install the app. When all this is done then you will have to pay the money. This is one of the most successful ways and make sure that your app is appearing in the first 100 search results. This thing gives a real boost to your app. You can add multiple keywords at one time by separating them via semicolon