How to Choose CCTV Systems & Kits?

Besides households, if you own a company you will need to have a surveillance system. These systems are more complex and there are plenty of options you have when it comes to choosing one. The safety of your employees should be the most important thing because your business will also suffer if they do.

The type you choose will depend on individual needs so it doesn’t mean you will have the same model as your neighbor. If you have a larger property, you will need a more complex system that will be more expensive. By answering a few questions you can determine which type is the best for you. Getting to know what kinds exist will benefit you a lot when making a choice because the difference in price can be huge.

Should Cameras be Discreet?

You can find many ways to hide your camera so no one can see it which is probably the best option for your household if you fear getting robbed. But, sometimes you shouldn’t hide everything because they might think your house is safe for them to proceed. Most criminals are looking for homes that are not secure enough but look like they have something valuable in them.

Having a box model that is larger than most cameras will give a statement to anyone that sees them that they are being watches. This is why many companies have them. They might get damaged easier but usually, they build to last. They are Pan Tilt Zoom or PZT types that can follow the subject which is hard to do with most hidden models.

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Will You Use It Outdoors or Indoors?

The majority of cameras you can find today can be used outside and inside. You should look at their features so you can know will it be easier to install them in the house. It will make a difference if the kind you choose is more durable so it can’t withstand bad weather. If it can be really hot during the summer, you need to have a type that can endure the heat.

Some of them are used for transportation surveillance which means they need to handle the vibration. There are small things in each industry that may cause problems like sawdust in some factories, smoke machines in clubs and grease in restaurant kitchens. Always check what issue can occur so you can prevent it.

How Big Is The Area You Want To Cover?

The type of network and camera that you will use will be determined by the area you want to cover. It will be very beneficial to draw a blueprint of the area so you can decide how much you will need. If you want to cover the street or a larger area, PTZ type is the best because of the ability to move and zoom. Some of them will have up to 112 degrees of view.

An advantage of getting PZT is that you won’t need as many cameras. They just need to be in high resolution and the angle won’t be a problem. If you want to cover smaller areas like a kitchen, you should use a static type. LAN network will be used for smaller businesses because of a better connection. But, larger buildings will review the WAN network.

Difference between Resolutions

One of the factors of the resolution you will have is money but sometimes you won’t need high resolution. Things like supermarkets need a high-resolution camera because they rely on the zoom ability that will catch a potential robber. But, you can’t have all the best features if you don’t invest a lot. Smaller areas don’t need the best possible camera because it is easier to notice details. These low-resolution types have other advantages like the price and service life.

Lighting and Scalability

Lighting is an important factor because there will be different amounts of sunlight throughout the day that may affect the lenses. One of the things that may be a problem, but you do not know yet is the reflection that may be caused by many objects even the floor. Night clubs have the most problems because of the lighting they use. If you find out that something may cause a problem, make sure that the product you bought has light filtering.

Scalability means that you might think about adding a few more cameras to your system. You need to think about the future because it will be harder to do if you have a traditional CCTV system with closed-circuit. You can use wireless models that can be installed and connected easily if you think about scalability. There are no wires but you might have problems with the connection in larger buildings.

Business Benefits of Surveillance and Monitoring

Monitoring theft isn’t the only benefit you will have, you will be able to confirm an incident if it happens. This is important for staff safety because they will feel protected. When something bad happens and you need to report it to law enforcement, you will need some kind of evidence.

Another advantage is that you can use it for analytics. They might help you by checking how the customer is behaving. This information is great for your marketing team so they can improve the customer experience. When you notice a pattern in how clients move, you can use it to display the right products at the right place.