How to Connect to A Linux VPS Server

A comparatively simple move is to make the jump from shared hosting to a virtual private server (VPS). It can be a little trickier to learn how to set up a VPS, though, particularly since you’ve never used the command line previously.

Steps to follow if your VPS has been used for sending Spam

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  • For both email accounts / FTP accounts, what you need to do is update your passwords, and ensure that they are good passwords. This could be enough to avoid the production of spam.
  • Stopping the mail server in your services is what you should do next. In -the Mail List, then search the email headers.

This can be found in Plesk by heading to Big Mail Server Settings > Mail Queue

This can be found if you go to WHM in cPanel and going to Key > > Email > > Mail Queue Manager

  • You will find either IP addresses or domains in the “from” area, if you see either of these in this area then build an IP blocking firewall rule. Search the email headers, these are the “Subjects” of the emails.
  • This will avoid spam, and if several IPs are used, it has to be replicated. If so, restart the mail server. If the From area has no details, then you are likely to have malware and you might have a spamming script installed on your VPS.
  • Check your scripts on any pages you have which contain types. Check the malware domains.
  • Check whether there are faulty passwords in your accounts. Usually, spammers will connect to a server and try various passwords before they move forward. Passwords that are the same as the username and the domain name can well contain both. Popular obfuscations of the word password would also require them. Using only the full email address as the username or only generic names, attackers will still make authentication attempts.

Safety and Security

Security problems with servers come in two major forms. Firstly, once the system is hacked, the system is completely operated by the attackers. Secondly, individual pages are undermined.

Typically, scripts running on a website have access only to the account they are running under, which ensures that if an account is compromised, attackers will not adjust any pages running on the server or make modifications to the functionality of the underlying server.

The second kind of hack comes from the manipulation of a website’s code by attackers. Restart the mail server until the spam ends.

If you have searched all the websites on your VPS and the spam is already there, you will need to browse for the entire VPS.


Switching from shared hosting and learning how to set up a VPS is like leaving the baby pool to dive into a huge one.¬† You have a lot of space and functionality to play with, but before you can start having a great time, you’ll need to find your footing.

You have been experienced with the command line now that you know how to customize your VPS, which would make it much easier to set it up to your liking.