how to go from Google Docs to WordPress

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WordPress is counted as one of the best platforms for publishing. Google Docs is counted as one of the best for all the writers and is also fantastic for collaboration. if you try to copy-paste from Google Docs to WordPress. there are many problems that you will face definitely.

there are some ways that you can follow that can help you with all the problems like formating. why you need Google Doc for writing blogs?

if you are a remote company then there are varieties of tools you can deal with. collaboration is very important for every online business but just a small piece to focus on. there are some of the Google PLugin which can help your website to grow properly.

Google XML Sitemap:

search engine index is one of the important things for all the websites to rank in this competitive business but Google XML can help you a lot with all this. In search engines like Bing, Google, etc its very hard to get ranged, and its a priority area. but with Google XML it’s very easy to get ranked and it can help in sitemaps plugins. Google XML sitemaps are pretty much interactive as well as fast and popular and their plugins are mainly involved with creating the site maps of the website you are having and therefore makes an easy search engine. All types of WordPress supports this kind of plugins. After the post are created this helps in apprising all the search engines for indexing the content.

Key Benefits:


  • helps in the stress-free ranking of the website on popular search engines.
  • it helps in giving a listing of the website so that anyone can find it easily in search engines.
  • in your site, you will get automatic detection of all the new content.
  • you can easily add a new post, products, categories, and other custom post types in the site planning.
  • this even helps in getting fast and better displays on the page of the site index.
  • if you have Nginx servers then there is a big change of this not working properly with this.


Easy Google Fonts:

for branding your e-commerce or business websites this helps in getting easily readable fonts and attractive fonts hold. this helps in adding fonts to the WordPress and the content to make it look eye-catchy to all the site visitors. this comes with 600 Google fonts, from where you can choose the best for your website and PDF to Doc Converter which is compatible with all the WordPress themes. it will give your website a very professional look from which you can attract a lot from the internet daily traffic. with this, you can have total control over the typography and this way you will not even lose the customization of the website you are working on. you will not lose anything whenever you want to make changes on the website or want to upgrade the theme of the website.

Key Benefits


  • on the dashboard, you will get the different options of the font that will match your theme and the website to attract eyes.
  • you will get 600+ Google Fonts which also includes the default system fonts. there are many fonts to complete the work with.
  • this is even compatible with all the WordPress theme which can make your website look attractive.
  • with the added latest front it will automatically update.
  • PO and MO are some of the files which are built for translation purposes.
  • you will have proper control over the custom WordPress Customizer.
  • there can be some quality issues when it comes to open source.
  • the library has a limited so you need some substitute fonts between the online projects and print.


  • if you are confused about finding typefaces, then in the further steps it can be hard to find.


Google Docs WordPress has many benefits that can help the website to grow and rank in some of the popular search engines. it is very important to know all the things you want to work with. formating while transferring can be a big deal for all the editors or the content writers. but this problem can also be solved by some of the steps.