How to increase brand awareness in the network?

According to market research, increasing brand awareness is a direct factor in influencing sales growth. Recognition forms a positive brand perception, increases customer loyalty and its level of trust. In total, there are three levels of brand awareness, knowledge with a hint, knowledge without a clue and top of mind, the highest level of popularity. In order to achieve the best brand awareness and growth, you need to consult with the digital growth agency in London to facilitate your business.

How to measure recognition on the Internet?

A variety of tools are used to measure recognition – analytical surveys, calculated indicators, search engine metrics, etc. The simplest and most affordable way that allows you to assess the change in interest in the brand will be accessing the Yandex, Word stat and Google Trends services. Using them, you can track the history of search queries in the relevant search engines. Obviously, an increase in direct traffic can also indicate an increase in recognition. There are many ways to increase brand awareness.

External Content Marketing

Maintain constant interaction with third-party sites, for example: blog platforms, all kinds of niche media, private and corporate blogs where you can leave guest posts. Remember that creating good content is not enough; you need to be able to distribute it. External CM will help you:

  • Increase coverage. Coverage matters for everyone, and especially for businesses with poorly formed demand.
  • Increase engagement. Users get acquainted with the product, are interested in the brand and visit the site, which makes the probability of purchase closer.
  • SEO performance improvement. Buying links on obscure sites through exchanges is completely irrelevant, but good Internet sites include warm targeted traffic and high-quality backlinks.
  • Reputation and confidence. All kinds of cases with numbers, research and checklists can cause interest among potential customers.

Contextual advertising

In addition to attracting visitors with an intention to make a purchase, contextual advertising increases awareness of the brand as a whole and about individual products. When people see ads on sites, most often they do not seek to buy something at the same time, but only consider this possibility or do not even think about buying. It will be appropriate to attract their attention. Well-known brands also often use contextual advertising to attract interest in new promotions and products.

Display ad

This type of advertising is focused on spectacular perception. Display ads include:

Banners – static or interactive pictures with an attractive design.

Video advertising – short video inserts that are actively used on popular video hosting sites YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

Text and graphic blocks – are informational messages that differ from banner ones in that they are more like a site’s recommendation, and not third-party advertising.

Social networks

Obviously, it is impossible to ignore such sites and it is necessary to indicate the presence of your brand there. Please note that large brands use social networks not only for sales, but also constantly remind of themselves through various information posts, contests, surveys, or just trying to entertain users. This is done in order to increase customer loyalty.