How To Learn To Fly- The Basic Of Flight Training

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A lot of people write learning to fly at the top of their bucket list but only a small number do so. Perhaps you have always wanted to be a pilot but you don’t know how to get started. Well, there are several ways to learn to fly. Flight schools are available across the country. A flight school used to be the first choice but that was until more affordable options were revealed. Now, online platforms such as Avsoft online flight training can teach you the basics of flight training.  

Learning to Fly and the Basics of Flight Training

Your dream of learning to fly is about to come true. Some ways you can learn how to fly are listed below

● Learn Online: 

Since most of your learning will be done on the ground, you can choose to learn online. Flight training requires you to learn a lot of things by reading. In fact, of the three-part test you will be required to pass, 

only one tests your flying ability. Rather than spend all that time in a flight school that is too costly, there are online flight training courses that offer self-paced learning. A platform like Avsoft online flight training has great reviews from past students. 

● Get A Flight Instructor:

The flight instructor you choose should be someone who is certified by the Federal Aviation Association. Asides from being cheaper than a flight school, a flight instructor will be more flexible with the syllabus to meet your unique learning abilities and deliver more personalized training.

  • Read Flight Training Books

Several books are available for anyone who wants to learn to fly. These books include: Padpilot ATPL theory books, Flight Planning Reading these books will help you familiarize yourself with the parts of the airplane and their functions. A copy of 

● Rehearse with Flight Simulators: 

 Practicing with a flight simulator will show you basic flying principles as well as help your eye and hand coordination. You can begin practicing right now from your mobile device. Download a flight simulator app and get started right away.

● Using FAA Regulations 

Start by learning to memorize the FAA regulations. You can start by learning a lot of CFR Part 23, 61, and 91.


It is important to get to learn at your convenience and pace. Avsoft online flight training is one platform that offers access to online flight training.