How To Save All Your Photos In The Cloud

Surely at home, you hardly keep photos printed on paper. You will have thousands of digital photos between your computer, mobile phone or digital camera. You no longer have to choose the moment; just take a photo and, if it doesn’t go well, then another and another, and another.

Flicker, A Safe Bet

Renewed or die. This seems to be the motto of Flickr. This online photography service now offers the possibility of using its new functions to store images in the cloud, in addition to being notable for its photo recognition system.

To enjoy all its functions, the first step is to click on the Register option that you will find in the top menu of the page. Fill out the form below and press the Create an account button. Of course, you must remember that you need to have a Yahoo account to be part of the Flickr family. It is important you go for for your photo storage, very safe and reliable.

Google Drive, 15 GB Free

It is no longer essential to have an account on the social network Google+ to enjoy the storage of photos in the cloud Google Drive. Among the main advantages of this service is that you can store a large number of images in it.

But it does not end there, but you can read RAW files and edit photos with Snapseed, one of the most popular photo editors for mobile phones, just by browsing Google Chrome. Can you resist?

Now you have the option to archive and classify your images in Google Drive without having to open an account before in another of its services and thus enjoy the advantages of having free storage of 15 GB.

If you are interested, download the Google Drive application and start using it. To do this, click Download Drive. It is adapted for both PC and Mac, as well as for Android, iPhone and iPad devices, so there are no excuses to search for this app and take it to your mobile device.

Automatically back up all your photos to the cloud, so you don’t lose any. Enter the Google Photos option and organize the photos you have uploaded from any of your devices.