IamHere –Connect with your Neighbourhood 

This is the application which helps you in connecting with people around you. It helps you to connect, and to discover your neighborhood to cater to your needs such as profession, passion, interest, and many more. It provides a platform for businesses, NGOs and individuals to communicate with each other by providing features like calling, chasing, events, stories and many more

You just have to download the application and you are just a single touch away from your needs. It will ask you to create your account and will show the map on your screen, full of Avatars near you and you can filter them according to your needs. 

Events in your neighborhood:

This application helps you in every way to connect with your neighborhood. It also helps you to take part in the event taking place in your city. 

Business & professionals in your neighborhood:

There can be an occasion where you need professional support for your business, or you can need to know about any business and all these things you will get just by clicking on Iamhere. You can also publish your business details on this application to boost your business. This will help you in increasing the growth of your business. 

Whatever business you are dealing with, you have to publish the details of that business or your profession on the application so that the person needing help in the profession related to your profession can easily contact you by using the application. This will take your profession to the next level as it will boost the number of clients for you.

What’s special in Iamhere?

This application is different from all other applications. We know that Google maps contain the address of the person, but they can’t show you the details of his profession and contact details to you. It will not help you in boosting the clients for your business. 

Facebook is a very popular application and it contains a lot of people and the details of their profession as well as contact details but it contains people from all over the world. Facebook will not help you to connect with the people near you easily as it will show the people from the whole world. It is not a hyperlocal social application.

IamHere is the only application that will fulfill all your needs as it is a hyperlocal social application and contains people as well as the details of their professions and contact details which helps you in connecting with them very easily. This makes your life very easy as you need not go out of the house in search of anything. You can contact anyone you need to take by just clicking on this application.