Importance of Virtual Phone Numbers for Small Businesses

When you buy a SIM card or establish a landline, you usually have a choice of local numbers. Once you have selected one, the number is assigned to the chosen device. This is because the number you choose becomes associated with a separate phone line – the way the caller reaches your phone directly. On the other hand, a virtual phone number is not tied to a particular user device. When a call is made, the caller is directed to a call forwarding service and directs the call to one or more predefined numbers.

What are virtual phone numbers?

Virtual phone number, or more commonly referred to as direct dialing (DDI) numbers, are numbers used to route calls to existing telephone lines. These corporate virtual phone numbers are programmed to forward incoming calls to the number chosen by the customer. These virtual telephone numbers often provide toll-free long distance service and call forwarding service.

Virtual phone numbers or DID numbers are not connected to any physical line. They allow you to handle calls the way you want and from anywhere.

How does a virtual phone number work?

One of the easiest ways to use a virtual phone number is to route incoming calls. Most cloud providers offer you the ability to play a custom IVR system based on your preferences. Use the IVR feed to redirect clients to the right agents. Include detailed options based on your company’s services, so customers can choose who they want to talk to and forward calls to the appropriate agents, based on the key press.

Use of Virtual Phone Numbers for Small Businesses

Small businesses generally face problems of lack of funding, complete databases, low R & D expenditure, lack of space, insufficient use of information technology, and so on. One way to start solving these problems is to make sure that customers can reach you quickly. This is still a major benefit when small businesses provide dedicated customer numbers to reach them faster.

By using virtual phone number services from providers like Mightycall and grasshopper phone service, customers can contact you directly via a unique number. Most virtual phone number providers allow you to get dedicated lines depending on the region of your business. This is a major boost for your business. This allows the customer to think that your business has a local presence, while monitoring them from any location of your choice.

Having virtual phone numbers is also beneficial for your business because you avoid the hassle of multiple lines. You can create a custom IVR feed, greet your customers, and redirect them to the right agent.

Small businesses often have problems with complete databases and tracking the volume of calls received. Virtual phone numbers solve this problem seamlessly. When companies choose virtual phone numbers, all calls can be routed to the selected phone number. This is convenient for monitoring call performance. It will give you the exact data on the number of missed calls, the time taken by the agent to resolve / answer queries / calls from customers. You can listen to the call records and know the agent’s performance and the number of minutes spent on each call. This allows you to improve your customer service center and provide customers with a trouble-free user experience.