Intellidrives For Rotary Systems


Intellidrives Inc. has built a name for itself as the leading manufacturer when it comes to the production of a number of products specifically for nanomanufacturing. Some of the products this company manufacture include but are definitely not limited to; Integrated motor systems, rotary ring encoders or systems, microscope XY stages, DD (digital drive) rotary tables, nanopositioners, etc. A large number of these products have been used and are currently being used in the development of medical applications, electronic manufacturing, life sciences, laser processing, data storage, as well as in other industries and fields.

One of the many products of this manufacturing company that stands out is the rotary table. This rotary table has been said to be capable of removing backlash at the same time providing highly dynamic applications with a stiff mechanical system. When compared to other rotary systems, this system has been Integrated with ring encoders and precision bearings. This is simply why these rotary systems offer ultimate or optimal performance when it comes to rotary index applications. The performance level it offers sets it apart from most of the other rotary systems that have been produced.

For those with applications that require countless and frequent direction changes, the rotary system is capable of offering them more. To explain better, when it comes to accurate positioning, they are assured of this because of the contactless ring encoder.  In addition, the low inertia and the elimination of backlash make it the most preferred and best solution for those applications that would need regular directional changes. One of the main benefits of these rotary system is that the low inertia helps to completely improve stop and start behavior as well as the velocity control. Those making use of these rotary systems are definitely guaranteed precise directional speed as well as position control which has been said to be very critical for the contouring of high-speed motion.

Another amazing rotary system is the Tilt-Raw rotary system. This rotary system has been designed with the two-axis rotary assembly which helps to provide micro-machining capabilities at a high speed for 3D geometry. One of the amazing features of this system is that it has been designed with an accurate precision for hemispherical surfaces. This rotary system is additionally used for purpose pointing, general testing, tracking, and scaling of applications. In addition to that, this rotary system comes with high-performance rotary stages with load capacity and stiffness that makes them ideal for use in a number of applications. This rotary system is definitely a mile ahead of most of the other conventional or traditional rotary systems that have been developed or produced.

Basically, well engineered rotary systems have proven time and again to be the best solution for a variety of tasks and problems faced by those in the manufacturing industry.