Is SEO Worth the Expense? 

Without understanding the labor-intensive nature of search engine optimization (SEO) work, those considering it for the first time are often surprised (shocked) at the cost.  But those small businesses who implement SEO strategies tend to return for more due to the success they bring.

SEO is all about helping your potential customers who are already interested in your goods and services find your business.  It is not a scattershot approach.  People are out there searching for your business.  SEO helps them find you by taking the actions required for your small business website to appear on or close to page 1 of Google search engine result pages.  

Which is better, reaching many, most of whom are uninterested in your offerings or reaching a relatively small number but all of whom are already looking for your services?  If they are searching for your offerings in Google, they are already interested.  An analysis like this helps determine the better course of action.  For some businesses, getting even one new paying customer a month more than covers the cost of SEO activities each month.

If your business thrives on high-volume, low-cost transactions, SEO can still benefit your bottom line.  There is no time when being on Google’s page 1 is not a good thing.  There are endless studies demonstrating that people tend to go to websites on page 1 more often than any other page in the search engine results.  How would your business change if people searching for what you offer could find you on the first page?

SEO skills and techniques are specialized and are usually not part of a small business toolboxes.  Landau Consulting, a New Jersey SEO company can help your small businesses increase its online presence and improve the bottom line even if you are not in New Jersey.  

Read this infographic to learn more.