Key Factors That Can Reduce The Risk Of Security Hacks

Security threats like malware and phishing have become an unwanted part of the web since everything ranging from software applications to IoT devices contain vulnerabilities. Considering the omnipresent threat that these vulnerabilities pose, cyber experts come up with indispensable tricks that can reduce the chances as well as the impact of a data security breach. As long as you carefully follow the below-listed guidelines, you’ll be exempted from the line of first devices that are most vulnerable.


  1. Better Password Management


All gadgets including surveillance cameras and the software applications that you use should be password protected. It is because the hacked password of IoT devices can provide unethical hackers access to all sensitive information including transaction details of users and employees. The best password practices include the following.


  • A strong and complex 12-character long password
  • Exclusive password not to be shared with any unauthorized personnel
  • Not saving the password on any unsecured device that you do not use generally


  1. Ethical Hackers To The Rescue


Invite ethical hackers from the cyber expert communities that work for making the web a safer place. One of the best ways to locate them is by running bug bounty programs on a personal level or hiring a third-party company to locate and identify them. Having them onboard to test your software applications helps in a lot of ways.


  • They can find vulnerabilities
  • They report it to the developers
  • Once fixed, developers send them back for the expert opinion of the ethical hacker that found the vulnerability
  • The ethical hacker allows users time of 3 months to install the upgraded versions
  • Once all the formalities are done, the ethical hacker is allowed to take the credit for finding and fixing the vulnerability by releasing it publicly


  1. Network Protection Techniques


You can protect the network of systems in your organizations in the following ways.


  • Network segmentation – Save bits of information in different networks. It means, the company should have multiple networks instead of one single network. Neither of those networks should be codependent
  • Network Scanning – Ethical hackers can scan network and software codes to locate minor to major vulnerabilities. You can also use system scanning tools to identify bugs in cloud storage.


How Can Individual Users Protect Their Devices?


  • Installing software updates
  • Enabling browser plugins
  • Not clicking on suspicious emails
  • Using strong antivirus and firewall software
  • Using different passwords for different accounts