Learn how to monitor security cameras on your cell phone

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It has become a cliché to say that we can solve everything by cell phone. In addition to paying your bills, scheduling your trips, arranging your meetings, ordering your lunch and calling a car, you can also monitor security cameras by touching the small screen. Tasks like these have become routine for most. The versatility of services has put people in control of just about everything. So, here we show you how to also keep physical and property security in the palm of your hand.

Apps allow phones and tablets to access cameras

Security cameras are a not so recent technology, but they do their job of caring for an environment. The novelty is that now access to images in real time can also be done through mobile applications. The integration between the cameras and the application is carried out by specific application, which configures and leaves smart phones ready for use. See how easy it is? With a simple touch you will have access to images, alarms and other functions of the security systems. All you need is to download a simple android app. For more information, click here https://appzforpc.com/icsee-for-pc-windows-mac/. The application is free and full of features. For downloading in PC, you need to have an emulator to run the app.

In what situations can cell phone monitoring be useful?

  • Keep your home safe: The most popular use of the resource makes it possible to monitor the activities of children, the elderly and pets.
  • Taking care of places and home on the beach: The impossibility of being present in these places most of the time also makes the use of remote monitoring attractive.
  • Protect the home: When you are away for work or travel, your home is more vulnerable to theft, and the lack of monitoring makes everything more time consuming to perceive and more difficult to resolve.
  • Monitor the movement of the company’s yard: Keeping a place protected is important, but being able to have more control over what happens is also essential for any business.
  • Control flows of people: In specialized services or events it is possible to have a more accurate idea of ​​the volume of people, who attend a certain place.

You can control much more

Perhaps you must have experienced the beginnings of security cameras and alarms, which could only be controlled on the spot. This brings us to what is perhaps the main indirect benefit of cell phone monitoring: the ability to move cameras and set alarms from a distance, using your cell phone or tablet as a remote control. When you get home you can view the cell phone cameras, make sure you are safe and disarm the cell phone alarm and release the gate for your entry. You can also control modern equipment.

Do you want more advantages? How about this: when monitoring security cameras, you can access the captured images that are stored in the DVR for 30, 60 or 90 days. It depends on the type of configuration made, the number of cameras and image quality. Keep everything important under your eyes.